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Be my baby- response

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'Be My Baby' Response 'Be My Baby' written by Amanda Whittington, and is set in the North in 1964, during a time when moral values and discipline were still an integral part of British society. Furthermore, the repression of women in everyday life was still existent and any evidence of blasphemy, disobedience or rebellion was strongly disapproved of. 'Be My Baby' is set in St Saviours, a mother and baby home, where young, pregnant, unmarried girls were sent to have their babies in seclusion, because many families would risk their reputation and status, if it became known that a family member had became pregnant outside of marriage. The purpose for mother and baby homes, which were established in the 1960's, was for young mothers to give birth discretely and the baby be adopted immediately with no complication or embarrassment to the families' or girls'. The basic plot outline consists of the journey and tribulations of each of the inmates at St Saviours, and how they cope with the inevitable shame of their actions, as well as the realisation that they will not be allowed to keep the baby. It essentially focuses of Mary Adams, who is forcibly sent to home by her mother, who is intent on maintaining her dignity and status. ...read more.


During the play, we observe a relationship developing between the characters of Mary and Queenie. Mary is from a family who are financially comfortable, she works in a bank and she seems fairly intelligent, although, immature. Whereas Queenie, is from a working class background and seems more mature, experienced and responsible in comparison to Mary. Scene ten particularly begins to portray and develop the Character of Queenie as a darker and perhaps more vulnerable person that originally perceived. The Past of Queenie is revealed to the audience, who discover that Queenie has already had one baby, even earlier in life. The other character in the scene is Matron who is very strict and seems insensitive; however, at the end of scene ten she begins demonstrate more compassion towards Queenie. During the lessons we discussed the various themes in the play, using explorative strategies and research methods. In small groups we used 'hotseating', and each person acted a roll from 'Be my Baby' and was interviewed as this character. This method was extremely useful in enabling us to explore the characters and the play in more detail and gain an insight into the situation of a young, pregnant woman in the 1960s. ...read more.


It has also provided me with a reference page, including the background details of each roll, including, age, personality, pregnancy status and previous experiences. From the directors perception, 'distilling the essence' would be the most valuable method to provide an insight into the significant aspects of the play. From an actors point of view, 'hotseating' would be the most beneficial to expand and cultivate their knowledge of the character. A playwright would find it rewarding to use 'role on the wall' where they could construct each character and record their different features and qualities. Overall, my personal response to the play, was that it made me consider new and different aspects to life in the 1960s, which is a relatively short time ago, however, most people's responses to issues covered in the play, have changed considerably in modern times. Previously to studying 'Be my Baby', I had not deemed the generation of 'Be My Baby' as much different from today. I now realise, that although the class system still exists in a minority, it does not dominate our lives or affect our opinions of people in such a prominent way. Becoming a mother young, is still not advisable, however, teenaged parents are becoming more common, and are not expelled from society. ...read more.

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