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blood brother evaluation

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Year 10 GCSE Drama Evaluation My group- Daniel, Carlos Alexandra (Sammy/Eddy) (Mickey) (Linda) The piece was structured with good use of; positioning, accents and off-text work. We really brought the characters to life by using costume and movement that would represent a seven year old child. The accents were as good as someone from Liverpool so that was a big plus to the overall performance. The Johnston's were a poor family and the costume showed the audience the contrast in class. Mickey, Linda and Sammy didn't wear anything fancy in the performance. WE grabbed the audience's attention with humour but we also highlighted more serious aspects as well such as Sammy bullying Mickey and Linda showing her initial dislike to Eddy. ...read more.


'Your friends a right weirdo'! Then Mickey stood up for him and said. 'Oh leave him alone'. We also used a dramatic pause after Mickey swore at Sammy. We planned our audience to react in a few ways. For example when Mickey swore at Sammy we expected our audience to be surprised. We wanted them to be sympathetic towards Mickey when Sammy told him he was going to die for swearing. First we brainstormed how we would start the rhyme at the start of the scene and how Sammy would disrupt it. The main idea was Mickey had to find a way to get Sammy back for bullying him. We developed the scene by improvising in the rehearsals. ...read more.


Our weaknesses were our use of Drama strategies. If we were to do the scene again I would add scarfar and a still image to capture the keys parts of the performance. I feel we didn't use enough Drama strategies. The strategies have helped me and my group a lot, and we shall use more on our next play. We made improvements to the scene during the rehearsal process like the position of Eddy's house. We changed it because the character that played Sammy had to change in time for his queue as Eddy. We also added off-text lines because our dialogue was short. The result of our changes was good. I shall be using all these techniques for any further plays that I am going to do. ...read more.

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