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Blood Brother: The Review.

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Blood Brother: The Review Blood Brothers opening scene began with a confusing but moving scene which began with the eerie words of the narrator spoken in a Liverpool accent giving a bigger impact on the mysterious narrator of the play who was played by Keith Burns. It kept me excited and interested throughout, with moments, which made me jump in shock as well as emotional points, which made you sympathise with the actors. Willy Russell, the writer of Blood Brothers or also wrote Educating Rita, Shirley Valentine and Stags and Hens other successful plays. Blood Brothers was Willy Russells only musical, and many people scoffed at the thought of the concept working. However, Russell had the last laugh as Blood Brothers has now been running for years and has won numerous awards including an Ivor Novello. Blood Brothers opened in Liverpool in 1983, before subsequently moving to the West End, and is now shown at the Phoenix Theatre a beautiful venue for such a terrific performance. ...read more.


We follow the brothers, Mickey and Eddie, through their lives and see how their mothers decision to give Eddie away causes tragedy. There is some comedy of the early years of the two boys lives as we see them playing in the streets. However, this only makes the climax of the play more shocking and effective towards the end of the play. The set was simple and related to the themes of class and money. The stage had a row of houses on either side of the stage, the "poor" neighbourhood on the left, and the wealthy houses on the right. The upper floors of the houses were used to house the musicians, who could be seen through the "windows". However, it was extremely interesting to see the way the narrator had a control over the stage and always seemed present as if he was trying to stop the inevitable happening like at one point he tried to stop Mickey from going to meet Edward. ...read more.


And with this power over the audience, the actors were able to twist emotions from one extreme to another and this way cause the play to have much more of a desired effect on the audience compared to what I did in my own performance which was to make the audience feel separate to the actions on the stage. I also believed that in my own performance I needed to use more stylised ideas and this was the main reason for the slow motion re-enactment of the death and also the number of freeze-frames and monologues that each character had would also create a large amount of tension. The play uses a method of a flashback, which starts at the end, then goes back and tells the events that led to that situation. I used this same method in my own telling of the story as I believed it created the tension I needed to interest the audience straight away. But if you like an honest story, simply but effectively told, I think you will love Blood Brothers. I know I did, but next time I will get better seats and I think I will enjoy it even more. ...read more.

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