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Blood brother unit 2 in drama GCSE

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We chose this particular piece of script - Act 2 - The bus scene, when the boys are 14 Because we thought it introduced Linda and how Mickey and Linda's relationship was evolving. We decided that the main theme in this scene was social class; how the more common travel and treat each other compared to what it would be like if you first class. I think we staged this piece well because not at any time did we have every one sat down like you would expect. I played Linda, Laurence was Mickey, Josh was Sammy and Dan was the conductor. Mickey, Linda and Sammy were sat down on chairs, as if it was a bus. Sammy had his back to Linda to empathise the fact they do not get along. Linda had her arm around Mickey, This was very obvious body language, e.g. her arm around him saying, he's mine and I'm not letting go. Mickey held onto her hand, not as strong body language as Linda but still says I like her, but I'm more relaxed about it. We had the conductor standing up walking around us asking for tickets. ...read more.


I really liked the idea of using the T.V so it was an actual television show. I think we could have improved it by not rushing it so much because of our time limit on this piece but also the place we filmed it because we were very limited for choice in our school. However I think we got the right idea about the whole media perspective. I liked Dan and Josh's Idea of having a talk show and having Josh being Mickey sat in the audience whilst Eddie was on stage with Linda. Then Mickey stands up with a gun taking the whole audience hostage, I liked how they involved every one and gave it that feel of realism. I think they could have improved it by having Rory, the host standing up because through-out most of it, all of the people on stage were sat down so it didn't look as interesting as it could have. 'Blood Brothers opening song.' Once I had a husband, you know the sort of chap, I met him at a dance and how he came on the chat. He said my eyes were deep blue pools, my skin as soft as snow; he told me that I was sexier than Marilyn Monroe And we went dancing, We went dancing Then, of course, I found that I was six weeks overdue. ...read more.


then turned round with his back to me and when he looked back I was hugging josh who was Eddie and got jealous then started on Eddie with myself in the middle of them with my hand in front of Mickey's face shacking my head, This then showed clearly who was who. I was Linda, Josh was Eddie and Dan played Mickey. Mickey pushes Linda away then pulls out a gun on Eddie then shoots I them sit next to Eddie on the floor crying looking at Mickey shacking my head then he drops his gun looking behind him where Harry Adam and Kate stood with guns pointing at him then shoot. We said that the three of them could have represented his guilty conscious or just simply the police. Throughout the whole of this song Amie who played either Mrs. Lyons or Mrs. Johnstone sat towards the audience with broken hearted expressions as if she was telling the story and we were her memory, re-living it in her mind. I think this was really affective because in the space of 6minutes we re-lived the whole of a 2hour play in mime using the two main songs as the narrator. I was very pleased with them but could have improved the first one because we didn't put so much thought into it. ...read more.

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