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Blood Brothers

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Blood Brothers Evaluation Title: Blood Brothers presented by Bill Kenwright Productions Venue: His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen Date: 14/3/07 1) This play was about twins that were separated at birth. One child lives in poverty and the other lives with a rich family. The story is set around the themes of unemployment, crime and superstition. 2) The structure of the play was a play with elements of musical theatre. 3) The structural devices used in the play were tableaux, flashbacks, flashforwards and a narrator. ...read more.


It was presented in an end on layout. The staged was a raked stage with means it tilts up slightly given more levels. 6) The actors were very good they were able to change there character when needed e.g. when the age of there character changed or when there character was needed to show emotion. 7) There were a lot of different ways they used to create suspense. They used music, sound effects, lighting, props and costume. 8) The set was a street witch changed when they moved from the city to country. ...read more.


11) The play made me fell sad as the two brothers were killed other a misunderstanding that could have been resolved peacefully. This play made me think about how a lack of communication can cause death. 12) I have learned the uses of levels, using a narrator, costumes, props and set. 13) I enjoyed the performance as it was well acted, used props and costumes well, had good uses of light and music was emotional at the correct times and had a clear plot from start to finish. 14) I would recommend this play to my friends it was among the best plays I have seen. ...read more.

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