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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Drama
  • Word count: 2709

Blood Brothers

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GCSE DRAMA unit 2 Portfolio Work 1 Response 1 For our first piece of work, to the opening of our unit 2 "Blood Brothers" section, we were set the task of taking the first and opening song in the play, "Marilyn Monroe" and to add different drama techniques. The basic layout for my group was as above. We had two different couples doing very similar things but at the same time, they were also slightly different. We also had one narrator who spoke the song as well as doing various, appropriate actions. When reading this opening for the first time I thought that it was about a mother who was very troubled yet extremely happy, that no matter how much she was in debt or how many times the welfare bothered her, she was only ever bothered about her many children. The mother was amusing in ways which showed her happy side but then again when she was saying things such as, "No more dancing", it clearly showed that she wasn't overjoyed about that as she obviously loved to dance and feel young. Throughout the song, we see the mother is always comparing herself to a certain Marilyn Monroe. I believe this is because Monroe was seen as an idol. She was always photographed looking pretty and slim and all women wanted to be like her. She was a very big role model to many people. Although, later on in her life, Monroe started to go off the rails, she got rather mixed up with life and went down hill. ...read more.


The facial expressions that I used seemed to link in well with the whole scene, as when she was disgusted at the police officer for accusing her, she showed this on her face. Evaluation 2 I think that the hot-seating scene was well portrayed. It was well put together and it answered the task that we were originally set. It made me think how someone would react in such a situation and also how to really get into the mind and body of a character. I think the cross-cutting in the scene worked well. It showed two separate rooms with the same police officer and questions but the answers given were extremely different yet very similar. The tones of voices between the two women were different. Mrs Lyons seemed rather pompous and straight to the point yet Mrs Johnstone tried to change subjects and stuck up for herself and her family. I believe that more questions could have been asked so that the scene would both improve and extend. The questions should really dig into the accused and slowly the audience would see the officer chipping away at both women but the truth would never come out. Portfolio Work 3 Response 3 The task for the third part of our portfolio was to brainstorm ideas about the two families and create a scene in which cross-cutting could occur between both houses. To start off with, I decided to write down all of the things I thought would be contained within both the Lyons and the Johnstone household. ...read more.


This, like in my previous work in portfolio 3, showed the differences between the two women. As one was seen scrubbing the floors and the other was seen on the phone to her cleaner. My voice changed with both the characters, for Mrs Lyons, it was rather polite, soft and posh. This, again, showed her importance and class. Mrs Johnstone however had a scouse accent and was quiet loud. I did this with her character to show her amount of stress and the level of her voice showed the audience how the anger was bubbling up inside her. I showed this when Mrs Johnstone was scrubbing the floors, she had her head down and only on various parts of the speech, she would look straight into the audience. As well as anger this also told the audience that she wasn't scared and was used to doing these jobs, as if it was every day life for her. Evaluation 4 When doing this piece of work, I enjoyed playing two completely opposite characters. I liked how they were so different as I could show this using the different drama skills and techniques that I know. I believe I got across the theme opposites as when playing the characters, I could really see their differences. This helped, as I could then put in more power and feeling behind both of the characters. If I were to do this piece again, I would maybe include a third character. Linda. This would show that I could use more techniques and, again, it would show the separations and class divisions within the play. ...read more.

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