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Blood Brothers

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Show Your Understanding and appreciation of the ways in which the elements of drama can be used in realizing a written performance. "Compare and contrast two performances you have been to see. Which was the more successful in your opinion and why?" I am going to compare the two performances of Blood Brothers I have seen which were in London "Phoenix Theatre" and "Bristol Hippodrome". In London I noticed all the characters had very strong Liverpudlian accents. They managed to keep them consistent throughout the play, even when their characters were growing up, and singing. However in Bristol some of the actors seemed to struggle with the Liverpool dialect. Linda was one of the only characters that managed to keep her accent throughout the play, and her accent was very believable. As part of Alienation which was developed by Bertolt, Brecht, it meant there was no scene changes, characters put costumes on in full view of the audience and the songs play a big part in this play. ...read more.


He tells the story using different methods for instance song and poetry. Bristol's narrator was very hard to understand possibly due to the Liverpool accent. This was a shame as he was a key character, who developed the storyline. Also in some parts his role led him to sing, unfortunately in a few of the songs it required him to hold a high note for a period of time which he seemed to find difficult. Although in my opinion the London performance was more favorable, however putting the above reasons aside it was the first time I had watched Blood Brothers performed on stage, giving a greater reaction than on the second occasion. "Show how technical effects added to your enjoyment and made clear the message delivered in a play you have seen." Lighting The lighting used was very dramatic for instance when Mrs. ...read more.


Music At the beginning there was a tableau with overture used which was very effective, in another way of using alienation. Music is used not only for the songs that fill Blood Brothers but it was used to give a sense of drama to what was currently happening such as drums were used as a heart beat when Mrs. Lyons was talking about superstitions. Suspense was made greater with music being played quietly in the background. The first and second half started and finished with music giving the audience the impression they were not watching a play but a musical. Also the play started and finished with the same song which joined the play together. Fog and Hessian The very first scene they used a tableau with music and soft blue lights. They covered the stage with fog which made it look very ghostly as it was meant to be Mickey and Edward's funeral. Combined with the Hessian in front of the stage it gave the effect of being like a picture this was very effective and a strong first scene. ...read more.

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