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Blood Brothers

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BLOOD BROTHERS This term we have been working on the text of Blood Brothers by Willy Russell. The main themes in 'Blood Brothers' are childhood, growing up, class, motherhood and death. I have really enjoyed working on this topic because I like the story line. I liked the way the impression of the story was made. There are some sorrowful scenes in the play. But then there are joyful scenes. In one lesson we worked on the Marilyn Monroe song. The song is called 'Marilyn Monroe'. It is about a woman who goes to a nightclub and a man comes up to her and starts to chat with her. He asked her to dance and she says yes. Then they get married and have a child called Darren Wayne. The next time she wanted to go to the nightclub her husband said to her ' I'm not going with you, you are too fat'. ...read more.


In one lesson we made up a scene, which showed a day in the life of Mrs Lyon. I was playing a little boy who was rich and he got a gold watch but he wanted lots of money instead, and he started to moan, about what he got. One moment that was very effective in this scene was we used facial expressions, like I screwed up my face and using gesture to show I was upset, and we also used split scenes. We did the scene to show the difference between a rich family's Christmas and a poor family's Christmas. The group I was in, we all worked well together. We did freeze frames as well, that was when we change different Christmases. We did some funny (comical) stuff, like the boy over exaggerating in ways that were not needed but he thought they were. ...read more.


I thought that was very effective, because they acted in the way of screaming and shouting at us. One thing we could of improved was that there was one person in the group who was hard to work with. One drama technique that I used during this topic was emotional memory. I thought this was useful because any one can do it because they could put themselves in that position. It is just like they could just play themselves. But not every one is like that so they would have to research it, or they could know someone who has that kind of life style. I have enjoyed working on the text. One thing that I like about it is the rehearsals. One thing that is difficult about the text is the learning the lines. It is hard because you are trying to think of ways to act your character and then you have to remember what to say. Altan Halit ...read more.

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