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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Drama
  • Word count: 1272

blood brothers evaluation

Extracts from this document...


GCSE Drama Paper 1- Unit 2 Live theatre review The play that we went to see was called "Blood Brothers". The date of the performance was 4th February 2008, at the Phoenix Theatre. The play was about two families. One was a working class family and the other was a middle class family. The mother of the working class family had twins and gave one of them to the other family. The play looked at the contrast in the way the two boys were brought up and the issue of social class in Britain in 1960. The main themes of the play were; superstition and socio-economic status. In the narrators opening passage he tells us what happens in the play. That gives the audience a chance to make judgements on the characters we have been told about and it creates an aspect of tension whilst waiting for the other characters to be introduced. The narrator says that the twins who were separated at birth come to meet and in the end they die. The play was structured well. The opening of the play really grabbed the audience's attention when we saw Eddie and Mickey dead on the floor. ...read more.


For his age he was very intellectual but when he put up his hand to ask a question that reminded us of his true age. Furthermore, in the scene where Mrs Johnstone told Eddie he wasn't allowed to play with Mickey anymore she told him to go or the bogeyman would get him. A young boy wouldn't know that the "bogey man" was just a story. When Mickey's character read out the "nearly eight" monologue his was full of life. The character was energetic and quick, also he got distracted easily. This made the audience see him as a kid who loved life. After Mickey came out of prison he was slow in his speech and movement. With the use gesture and movement the audience could see that Mickey was depressed. It would be hard for the audience to imagine that the child they saw only minutes ago had transformed into an ill man. I felt empathy towards Mickey after he came out of prison because he had a wife with a baby on the way and he didn't have a job. Eddie was Mickey's best friend and his unknown twin, yet they were the complete opposite. ...read more.


For instance the scene where Mrs Lyons attempts to stab Mrs Johnstone I feel that it could have been developed to look more realistic. If I were directing the play I would have made Mrs Johnstone put up more of a struggle to stop the knife touching her. I also would have got Mrs Lyons to slap Mrs Johnstone to increase the tension in the kitchen. Whose fault was it that the twins died? I feel that it was Mrs Lyons was the main reason for their death. Mrs Lyons pressured Mrs Johnstone into doing something she didn't want to do. Mrs Johnstone did have the power to say no but because she worked to Mrs Lyons; I think that she felt inferior to her. Willy Russell wrote the play to highlight the fact that your socio-economic status had a real impact on your life. He wanted the audience to realise how much of a difference your class made on your life and how wrong that was. He is saying that the British society in the 1960's was unfair and didn't give equal opportunities. Equal opportunities are still an issue in today's society but for other issues such as race or religion. From the production I learnt how hard it must be to practise for a big performance to make it as good as they made it for us. ...read more.

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