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Blood Brothers How effective was the performance of the play in communicating the ideas and themes of the play to the audience

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How effective was the performance of the play in communicating the ideas and themes of the play to the audience On the seventh day of December 2006 an assembly of drama students from The Philip Morant School, including myself gathered outside The Phoenix Theatre in London, ready to watch the musical that we had so long studied earlier that year; Willy Russell's Blood Brothers. On arrival my first impressions of the theatre weren't that of a positive nature. I thought that the d�cor of the theatre was rather distasteful, and found the general layout quite unpleasant. Despite this negative start, I had all faith in the production and my excitement justifiably didn't lessen in the slightest. Blood Brothers is a tragic play, based around and titled after two twins separated at birth. The twins, regardless of their mother's best efforts meet as youngsters and become best friends, but after time their different class backgrounds create a playful jealousy, which spirals and escalates into the final fatal conclusion. The central character however is not the boys, but their mother Mrs Johnstone, she is the reason that they were separated and also the reason for their disastrous death. ...read more.


For example the verse was sung after Mrs Lyons' (the mother to which one of the twins were given) prophecy that 'if either twin learns they were one of a pair ' they will both die. Another theme apparent in Willy Russell's Blood Brothers is class and social hierarchy. Mickey and Eddie's friendship is based on numerous things amongst which is their infatuation with each other. They have both been brought up by different parents, they have lived different lifestyles, and they have experienced different qualities of life. Though difference in class is evident between the two boys, I think it is best shown by the two mothers: In act two we see Mrs Johnstone allow her two sons to view the 'Swedish Au Pairs' film. We know that if Mrs Lyons had been in the same situation there would have been a different outcome. From this one section we see the types of parents that they are and the general morals they live by, this helps the audience understand the twins a lot more. Mrs Johnstone is seen as a mother who appreciates that at different points in a child's life they are going to be curious about different things, she is seen as an approachable kind of mother. ...read more.


In harsh contrast the house of the Johnstone's is filled with life noise and children, the house though not to the same standards of the Johnstone's is seen as warm and a great deal more inviting. The use of voice throughout the production stressed the difference between social classes clearly and without possibility of mistake. Eddie and the Lyons family are well spoken, what one would expect of a higher class family, this suggests a good upbringing with a good education and maybe if elocution tutoring. Mickey and the Johnstone's however, share a strong Liverpudlian accent which suggests lack of a "proper" education, and breathes a hint of commonness upon the family. Fate and destiny, the play is saturated with the theme of fate and destiny. We are shown at the opening of the production the fate of the boys, and we watch as they're destiny unfolds. Symbolism is very apparent through this theme; as the boys are children we see them innocently engage in a toy gun fight. Considering the final fatal conclusion of which the audience are already aware a chilling sense of irony is given, an alternative example of symbolism is Mrs Johnstone's constant reference to Marilyn Monroe. ...read more.

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