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Blood Brothers-play evaluation

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Chiago Tabansi Blood Brothers The play... I saw the play Blood Brothers at the Pheonix Theatre in Central London; the theatre was an old one with a cosy atmosphere which accompanied a nice reasonable sized stage. - How the production was staged. Simplistic staging and used the same setting with inter-changeable doors and backdrops when appropriate. For example flying down Mrs Johnstone's house backdrop every time she was shown to be in her house. The correct use of lighting substituted for the minimal staging; this was a good technique to use as I was able to concentrate more on the acting. ...read more.


- The characters Each character played their role convincingly incorporating the basic drama techniques such as variety of voice, facial expression and body language. From this performance I would say the Johnstone family held a strong performance than the Lyons. It is fair to say the Johnstones performance was more believable. From the Liverpoolian accents to the hand-me-down 1960 dressing, it was evident that the actors moulding into the roles. Mickeys actor played a fantastic small child, picking his nose and swearing and this contrasted wonderfully with the scenes of Mickeys depression. It just showed how by changing body language voice you can turn into a new character. ...read more.


Eddie and Mickey complimented each other in their acting, when on scene together their 'brotherly' nature is felt and seen by the audience. - To conclude I was happy to have read the book before watching the play as it showed me what I should expect in the play as well as the characteristics of the characters. After watching it I was able to put the character to their behaviour, the play deployed the characters presented in the book. The play was an example of a well structured paly that shows actors acting different ages successfully but still being the same person; the singing, props, sounds and backdrops all complimented the characters to create a well done performance. ...read more.

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