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Blood brothers review

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Blood Brothers review The play was called blood brothers. It was written by Willie Russell and I saw it at the phoenix theatre in London on the 7th march 2008. The play is about two brothers who were separated at birth when one is given away due to financial reasons. Later in their childhood they meet each other and become friends without knowing the others true identity. When they are adults one of the brothers be comes successful whereas the other doesn't. The prosperous brother, Eddie, has an affair with the poor ones, Mickey, wife, Linda. When Mickey finds out he immediately hunts down Eddie armed with a gun. When he finds Eddie he holds the gun to his head. Just then their birth mother, Mrs Johnstone runs in and tells them they're brothers. ...read more.


He is also consistently on stage watching as though he were a member of the audience. He also blends in with the set as you barley notice him when he's not singing or talking. His actions and words also have a affect on the character as he also acts as their consciences continuously reminding them of the bad deeds which they had committed. I liked Mickey because he suited his age groups very well. He was easily able to change from 7 to 14 to mid twenties. This showed lot of skill as he acted those ages to perfection. Mickey was also very involved in the play as it was about his and Eddie's lives and how they came to a dramatic end. The actor who played the narrator was very good as he was able to blend in with the set and wander around it without drawing the audience's attention to him. ...read more.


The lighting also was part of the set as it separated the two sides of town and it showed the mood e.g. in the beginning when the lights are dark showing that people are sad. The clothing also displayed the difference between the Lion's and the Johnstone's as one family was wearing smart clothes and the other scruffy clothes. My favourite bit of the play was the time when Eddie, Linda, Mickey and Sammy are playing together as it is very fast paced and show how children play very well. The end when the Mickey shoots Eddie is well done as the audience are not expecting it and they all get a shock. The techniques I might use are the use of clothing and prop's to become a different character such as Mr Lion's was also the milk man. The play made me think about how music and lighting could have a big impact on improving a play and making it more entertaining. By Hadi Choudhury ...read more.

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