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Blood Brothers Role-Play.

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Role play For our workshop of war, we creating various role play's incorporating different situations involving war. The one I have chosen to discuss was initially centralised on a piece of music- 'The band played Waltzing Matilda' Relating to the song, our role play was about somebody who has to go far away from home in order to go to fight a war that's perhaps not their country's war. Moreover, we created this role play in order to show the effect war has on different characters and the way in which is can tear a family apart. Another point to consider is that this particular role play was based on a war kit of which the soldier leaves by the door in case he is called up to war at any moment. Primarily, we discussed the characters we should have, I decided to play the wife, Rhys- the soldier and husband, Rebecca- my friend, and Jermaine- A friend of Rhys's, but more importantly, we wanted to have characters that would clearly be severely affected by war; we decided to ...read more.


As a result of this Role play we discovered, in particular, the way the wife acted towards the war, and this allowed to take a sneak at what everyday life is like for a family member of a soldier, as I played the wife, I displayed that she was continually paranoid of the kit that he left by the door and this consequently had a psychological affect on her and as a result the relationship between her and her husband would have been dramatically flawed. One of things I wanted to suggest with my character, was that I blamed my husband for my state, because he chose to leave his kit there, however I feel this was more of a defence mechanism to hide the fact that she drastically did not want her husband to leave her for war. We also got to see how the solider acted towards family and friends due to being called to war at the back of his mind constantly, as it would for any soldier. ...read more.


In order to make my anguish more realistic, I changed my tone of voice to one of clear agony over it all, as apposed to my before voice of a seemingly passive tone because I blamed my paranoia over my husband's imminent departure, however in this scene, we and the audience, discover the deeper reasons as to why I am so against my husband leaving and leaving his kit by the door to remind me of this fact every minute of every day. The final scene, saw Rebecca (Close friend) hugging me and saying "I didn't know, you should of told me! It'll be alright I promise." I feel this scene was necessary as it exposed that again nobody, not even your close friends, know what you're going through unless they're experiencing it themselves, and moreover, to show that the wife (me) was going through this struggle completely alone, not even being able to confide in his closest friends or her husband because he was too drunk each night to realise. Overall, I feel this role play was very effective in highlighting the affects on a soldier leaving for his family members and also friends who are involved. ...read more.

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