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Blood Brothers

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Blood Brothers Response For our response part of the coursework, we were asked to evaluate and describe three pieces of drama that we had done based on the Blood Brothers class work. In this drama we had been asked to do a symbolic movement or a symbolic statue, to show either social class, divided wealth or prejudice. We were asked to give our symbolic movement or statue a title. In our group we did a symbolic statue based on divided wealth. The title of our symbolic statue was "They were divided by wealth, but came together by destiny", we had this title because it was related to Blood Brothers the play itself. The title of our symbolic statue described how Eddie and Mickey had been separated due to wealth and money problems, but however they came back together by chance and destiny. In our symbolic statue, we had three people standing to the right, they symbolized the upper class. Then we had a gap in the middle and then three people kneeling/begging on the other side of the gap, they symbolized the lower class. The proxemics in the middle of the stage, separating the upper and lower class showed the boundary between the upper and lower class and it also showed the boundary between their wealth. In our symbolic statue, we didn't have any middle class, which showed that there was no way for you to get from ...read more.


We were asked to show their thoughts. In our group we started our drama with the ending, like with the original Blood Brothers play. We started with a freeze frame showing Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons, with both their hands on the bible as if making the pact. Then the narrator walks forward and says "how quickly and idea planted can, take root and grow into a plan. A thought conceived in this very room, grew as surely as a seed, in a mother's womb!", and then we start from the beginning with Mrs Johnstone sitting looking shocked, in the centre of the room, absentmindedly cleaning the same space repeatedly. Her facial expression is blank as if she has just received a very huge shock and has nothing else left to feel. Then Mrs Lyons walks in and gently taps Mrs Johnstone, when she doesn't respond, Mrs Lyons asks her what's wrong and still in a daze Mrs Johnstone replies unthinkingly that she's having twins. Then we have Mrs Johnstone frozen on the floor and do some thought tracking to show how Mrs Lyons responds to the news and Mrs Lyons says "oh this is brilliant, I can finally get what I want using Mrs Johnstone", then the drama continues on with Mrs Lyons suddenly asking Mrs Johnstone to give one of the twins to her, and then she starts to manipulate Mrs Johnstone into saying yes, by telling ...read more.


When Mrs Johnstone tells her that she doesn't want to give the baby to her and that she is sorry if she raised Mrs Lyons' hopes, Mrs Lyons stops looking happy and her facial expression changes to angry and when she talks she makes her tone of voice angry and deliberately talks slowly to scare Mrs Johnstone and so that her words sink in, so Mrs Johnstone knows what to expect. Mrs Lyons says "You'll pay for this; I'll make you regret that you ever thought of making a deal with me and then breaking it. You should enjoy being with the twins for now Mrs Johnstone because you won't be with them for long.", Mrs Lyons body language also indicates hatred because she exits the stage stiffly, then Mrs Johnstone holds each of the twins, one in each arm, she is shaking to show her fear and then looking around she starts to run away, her facial expression is also scared and she keeps looking around as she runs, and there is Mrs Lyons and she sticks out her leg she is grinning spitefully, Mrs Johnstone falls and both of the twins die because of the fall. Mrs Lyons starts to laugh and then pointing at Mrs Johnstone she says "I told you, you'll regret it, I told you", and then laughing she exits. We end the drama with Mrs Johnstone kneeling weeping over the bodies of the twins. ...read more.

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