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"Blood Wedding" By Federico Garcia Lorca.

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EXPLORATORY NOTES "Blood Wedding" By Federico Garcia Lorca Plot and Sub-Plot From the surface the plot of Blood Wedding is a very simple one. The Bridegroom is to be married to the Bride. The Bridegrooms mother initially expresses doubts having lost both her Husband and one son to an ongoing feud with the Felix family. However, Leonardo, a member of the Felix family and old time love of the Bride's, begins to re-find his feelings. Having married and fathered a son since breaking up with the Bride, his position is difficult to say the least. On the day of the wedding of the Bride and Bridegroom, Leonardo arrives early and explains his feelings to the Bride, that she only left him because he was poor. She vehemently denies this, but nothing can dull their passions for one another. However, as she explains "I'll shut myself away with my husband, and I'll love him above everything." The wedding goes ahead. However, at the party after the wedding the Bride and Leonardo run away together. Once discovered the Bridegroom sets off in pursuit of them. The Bride and Leonardo escape to the forest, being hunted by the Bridegroom, aided by the Moon. Leonardo tries to tell the bride to return to the Bridegroom, but their love is too strong. The Bridegroom finds them and both himself and Leonardo are killed. (Indeed the play, had it been written by a more liberal Shakespeare may have been called "The Tragedy of Leonardo") ...read more.


However, if we look at it closely it takes on a new and darker meaning. Lorca uses a Horse as a metaphor for the feelings Leonardo still has for the Bride. The rhyme tells of the Horse, and it's demise. The suggested sinister tones show, "For the Horse now starts to weep, Horsey's hooves are red with blood Horsey's mane is frozen Deep inside his staring eyes A silver dagger broken" As we discover later in the play, Leonardo's passion will eventually lead to his death. Lorca's extremely clever use of the metaphor throughout the play (such as when the Wife and Leonardo talk about the horse being seen in the Dry Lands) is just one example of the craftsmanship of the playwright. Perhaps the most telling example of this is in Act Two Scene One, where the Servant says to Leonardo "You will kill the animal racing him like that", to which Leonardo retorts "If it dies, it dies" Lorca also uses the orange Blossom, traditionally given from the Bridegroom to the Bride as a metaphor. Leonardo makes suggestions to the Bride when he goes to speak to her before the wedding. In tradition, the Orange Blossom was traditionally associated with marriage, and Leonardo makes hints about the marriage between the Bride and Bridegroom. "Did the Bridegroom bring the Orange Blossom for her to wear it on her heart". Lorca uses the orange Blossom, not so much in its traditional meaning but more as a metaphor for the love the Bridegroom shows. ...read more.


This heightens the fact that Lorca feels that the themes explored and events in Blood Wedding are unavoidable. You cannot only have a part of it, the events will run their course until the inevitable heart rending climax. Visual, Aural and Spatial Elements Lorca gives very clear and precise directorial notes in Blood Wedding. It is clear that he feels that the Visual elements are extremely important to the overall play. Again these tie in with his surrealist notions, to counterpoint the strength of the language he uses. A good example is the way he insists on the colour of the set. In the same way that the surrealist painters use colours and light to create their masterpieces, so Lorca does the same. In the directorial notes for Act 1 Scene 1 he states "Room painted yellow". Many people have made suggestions as to why this is, talking about the fertility of wheat (which would tie in with the Mothers line "Men to be men; wheat wheat."). Throughout the play it is clear that Lorca feels that the action is supplemented by the visual elements. However, he does not rely on this alone, and the Aural and Spatial elements of Blood Wedding are also strong. For example, in Act Three Scene One, he states "A gloomy atmosphere. Two Violins can be heard." The scene is highly stylised to lie with the heavily stylised characters, such as the Moon and Death. It is clear that the Forest is not intended to be representative of a real forest, but more of a surreal setting. Context Subject Charact Interp Applying Vocalising ...read more.

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