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blue remembered hills2

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Blue Remembered Hills Drama Coursework Development When we ere given our parts, I was given the part of Angela, who I knew from reading the script was the spoilt, annoying child! I was pleased with this because I thought it would be fun to play. I thought this because even though I didn't have a great deal of lines, I thought it would be fun to show the personality of my character through movement, compared to dialogue. Our group were given the end part of the play (scenes 15-29), which was possibly one of the more significant parts of the play. It was important because it was at the end of the play when Donald dies, which would be a sad moment for the audience, and we had to portray the feelings of sadness. This was most definitely the key event in our scenes. After we had explored the play more, we started to rehearse and perfect our parts. Our group wanted to reach a stage where we had a piece that we were ready to perform and one that we were happy with, because we had the end scene; we knew it had to be of a good standard. ...read more.


This annoyed me, amongst others because I felt that the amount of time we were spending on that one part was too excessive. At this moment there was a definite divide in our group: the two girls wanting to do the fight scene and everybody else getting annoyed about the amount of time it seemed we were wasting. At this rehearsal it seemed that our group were not working together to help each other. We read through our script in the next few lessons, and then we started to block it. Our group had scenes 15-29 (the end) and in these scenes we needed to be in "The Hollow". We had a basic idea of where we needed to be for each part. But the sections we had involved us running around the back of the audience many times throughout the scenes. Blocking was relatively successful, but I found it hard to concentrate on my lines and move to the right places at the same time, especially as I wasn't totally secure with my lines. Other people who had more lines than me found it even harder to remember their cues. ...read more.


Select a key moment and really analyse the actions of the group - and especially yourself; how did you make your character convincing, what were the childlike movements that adopted? Talk about the switching between scenes, some in tableaux whilst others continued acting. Lighting. Use of whole performance area. In following rehearsals, getting further towards the actual performance, the biggest problem our group had was that not everyone knew their lines. This was a major problem for us because for the people who did know their lines, they didn't have the cues they needed. This made other people annoyed, including me! Eventually we overcame this problem by having fast read-through's which helped people learn their cues. Another technique we used was Miss Pearson read a line and we had to say the following line. I think this also helped people learn their cues more thoroughly. SKETCH OUT HOLLOW WITH DIFFERENT LEVELS AND STATUSES One big break through with the script was when we added costumes. I think this was because it helped us get into the mindset and feel more in character. Another big change when we had costume was that we had a lot more energy as a group. Everybody in our group agreed that costumes really helped, and everybody was a lot happier with the way the play was going. Costumes Props ...read more.

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