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Bullying - the effects and causes.

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English Coursework for a listening audience Bullying Hi. You don't know me and I don't know you, but what I have to tell you is something that we will all have in common one time or another. The reason I am here today is to tell you about bullying, and the effects and causes. I'm going to tell you of a story of a girl who was bullied. She was the unpopular one at school. She had little friends, and the ones she did have were in complete contrast to her. They liked all the things she hated, and I hated all the things they liked. So when the person who used to bully me approached me, they either joined in or sat and watched the bully, and her mates, either hit or kick me, or just verbally abuse me, because verbal abuse is a type of bullying. ...read more.


Highly dangerous. The pylon was rusty, and very unstable. But I lived in fear, so I did so. I started climbing the metal mountain, and as my feet and hands touched some areas of the pylon, pieces would fall away, down to the ground. I was petrified. The only noise drowning out the jeers of those below was the sound of my heart beating in fear. All of a sudden the jeering stopped. I stopped, struggled round and managed to look down. I saw the bullies huddling round in a circle formation. I wanted to go down, but I was too scared to, just in case they noticed and I wouldn't know what they would do to me. So I stayed up the pylon, looking down. It was up there for about 30 minutes. ...read more.


What had happened was as I was climbing up the pylon, one of the metal pieces had fallen away, and had landed on the main bully's head, knocking her unconscious. The others had crowded round her, and one of them phoned for an ambulance. She was rushed to hospital at same time as me for internal bleeding in the head, and possible brain damage. She died on the operating table, after being admitted in hospital for 5 hours. Her mates came clean about how they had been bullying me, and what had happened that evening, and they were expelled from the school. My life slowly got better after that, but I was racked with guilt because I felt I caused the death. I was taken to court for manslaughter, but I was found not guilty. The message of this is that bullying is dangerous, not to the victim, but to the bully as well. However, this is just a story. Chris Pilkington ...read more.

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