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Chapter 5, Pg. 188-190 - Extrasensory Perception,

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Diana Boyd Psysc 100.001 MWF 1-1:50 Paper #2 Chapter 5, Pg. 188-190 - Extrasensory Perception, "Science and the Paranormal" February 23, 2004 An ad for the infamous psychic, Miss. Cleo, plays across my television screen. She claims she can read my mind, predict my future, and give me advice on how to live my life. And, best of all, the first five minutes of my reading are free! My logical self tells me that Miss. Cleo is nothing but a scam for money; I mean come on, no one can read a person's mind - especially over the telephone! Then again, my curiosity sets in and I wonder, "Well, it's free, what's the harm in trying? What if Miss. Cleo really is a psychic?" But like usual, my logic wins and I'm left to wonder about Miss. ...read more.


Cleo can give a person advice about their life, it's not exactly the advice one might be in search of. In fact, extrasensory perception (ESP), as defined by Dennis Coon's Essentials of Psychology, is the "purported ability to perceive events in ways that cannot be explained by known sensory capacities", an issue that consistently baffles parapsychologists. Studies have been concluded in an attempt to decipher the truth behind extrasensory perception and all that goes along with it: clairvoyance (the ability to perceive events or know information without being present at the site of origin), telepathy (the ability to read someone else's mind), precognition (the ability to predict future events) and psychokinesis (the ability to influence other inanimate objects by willpower). ...read more.


For example, a person may indicate having extrasensory perception the first time being examined, but, for some unknown reason, that same person produces contrasting results on the exam a second time. These results allude to two conclusions: extrasensory perception is not real, rather just a "run of luck", or, extrasensory perception is a real occurrence, only short-lived. However, it is proven that some of the most spectacular findings in parapsychology cannot and have not been reproduced. This fact also goes to prove that extrasensory perception might simply be a heightened sense of intuition. For now, we'll never know whether or not Miss. Cleo is able to tell us intimate details of our lives over the telephone. Who knows, maybe psychics have some sort of pact not to reveal the validity of their abilities. But, until science proves extrasensory perception is one hundred percent feasible and accurate, Miss. Cleo won't be getting any of my money. ...read more.

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