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character study

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Rob - Car - Character Study This is a character study of the character "Ray" I played as part of the scene studies. To help us understand the character according to the Stanislavski system we were encouraged to ask 5 questions to help us understand the character. These 5 questions were; * Who? * What? * Where? * When? * Why? The first two questions I asked were who and what. Here are my findings. Robert, who preferably likes to get called Rob, He is in his 40 and married with a family. He loves his job and is very dedicated to it. He sympathises with both the victim and the offender, however in the case in "Car" I do believe he favours the offender and is very close to Nick. ...read more.


At the meeting between Gary and Nick he doesn't stop Gary telling Nick what he thinks however does realise there is limits to what Gary can say to Nick. He stays calm throughout the meeting even when things get heated between Nick and Gary when others may have buckled under the tense atmosphere and this helps him make the meeting a successful one. As his main line of work is with the youth. He is very much in touch with modern popular culture and very modern thinking and this can be reflected in his appearance. HE LOVES HIS JOB. Rob can adapt to situations well. He knows how to talk in to different people in different situations. This can be shown when he is in Gary's house compared to how he talks to Nick in his office. ...read more.


He works in a rough part of the inner city of Manchester somewhere like Eastlands where people live in derelict terrace houses which unemployment levels are high. I think he is well respected in the area he works and this is reflected in the fact Nicks turns to him before he turns to anyone else. I think in the street he lives he would also be well respected and would take part activities within the street. The next question is why. Now I have found that hard to answer. This is because I found I could only answer this question whilst rehearsing. Everything Rob did I would ask, Why is he doing that? Or if he said something I would ask, Why did he say it in a certain way? I have also did a brief report on a pervious case Rob may have worked on. Find that attached. ...read more.

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