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Characters in Teechers

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Characters in Teechers The characters that I played were Mr Basford and Doug the Caretaker. Mr Basford is the deputy head, a typical child hater, a nasty piece of work while Doug the Caretaker is, a miserable old man who hates kids and drama. I think I was very well suited to play these characters, as I like to shout a lot and use my voice to project what I'm saying. With Mr Basford my face was in a permanent frown, as that's how I would imagine him to be, just a man that would never ever smile, even at anything that everybody else would find funny. I don't think that I did any specific gestures as Mr Basford. I know that when I was shouting, I was rocking back and forth on my feet to try and emphasise that I was angry and to try and show that I was so angry that I couldn't control myself. ...read more.


I didn't necessarily put a specific accent on, but I did raise my voice quite a lot because I think that he would just be shouting all the time. I think that if I could choose a costume for Mr Basford then he would be wearing a grey, boring dull coloured suit with an equally dull shirt and tie, just to emphasise how boring and dull he is. He would probably wear the same clothes all through the week only washing it at weekends so that he had a quite stale smell. He would also be wearing some sensible black shoes because he is in general a sensible man that wouldn't really be caught wearing trainers. My other character, Doug the Caretaker I think was quite an easy character to play as he was sort of a stereotype of a caretaker. ...read more.


When I moved, I was hunched over and I was on a quite low level. I did this for this character because I think he would have quite a low status and that all of those years of cleaning would have done his back in so therefore he would have to hunch over so he didn't do anymore damage to it. With Doug, I put on a Norfolk-come-Farmer accent. I used this because I tried to make him sound different and kind of uneducated. I think that my accent was quite effective and it had a bit of a comedic effect on the audience, as it was so unexpected. I didn't use any specific phrases while I was in role as Doug but I said things like "Argh...get out of my hall, I need to do my job and you're not letting me!" ...read more.

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