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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Drama
  • Word count: 3726

Charmed I'm Sure

Extracts from this document...


Presenting A 2007 Jamie Karreck Production CHARMED, IM SURE! Cast List Prince Nicholas Charming- Princess Cinderella- Princess Beauty- Princess White- Dandini Reginald Charming- Cecil Charming- Toady's Butler + Postman- Gertha: Bertha: Doc: Prince Toady- Flora- Fauna Merryweather- Oompa Loompa Assassins- Plot As I'm sure many of you have now realised, Prince Charming has married several people in various stories, the main of which are Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Cinderella. When these three meet each other at a ball and realise their husband is a disgraceful Trigamist, they plot their revenge... ACT 1 Scene 1- Snow White's House (Lights up on a fretful Snow white trekking up and down the stage. There is a traditional country cottage scene with table in the middle, 8 chairs surrounding it) Snow White: Oh where could they have got to? I don't know, I slave all morning making those idiotic shrimps favourite soup and they don't even turn up! I'm telling you, if they don't come very soon I swear I'm just going to have to kill myse.... (Door Rings with Doc at the door) Snow White: Finally, where have you been? Doc: Sorry Snow, I had to finish sorting out Dopey's Funeral. Snow White: Funeral? Doc: Haven't you noticed? Snow White: Noticed what? Doc: The fact that strangely, every time you see us there seems to be less and less of us. Snow White: Well, now that you mention it, I suppose so, you'd better come in. Doc: Thanks Snow White: So where are you all, tell me everything, lets start with Dopey. Doc: Right well, Dopey had an unfortunate accident, he wandered out onto the M1 during Rush Hour Snow White: Oh... and Happy? Doc: He's in Prison for taking class A Drugs Snow White: Grumpy? Doc: He was the first to go, We just threw him out! Snow White: Sleepy? Doc: He just wouldn't wake up Snow White: Sneezy? ...read more.


(Blackout) Scene 4- Prince Toady's Palace (The Ball) (Lights up on a ballroom with Prince Toady running around making sure everything is right for his ball. There is catering around the room on various tables. Dandini is following him calmly around the room with no worries) Toady: Oh this is a disaster! Dandini! Where is that stupid man? If he turns up, after the show I will give him a piece of my mind! (He almost steps in caviar on the floor) Dandini! Dandini: Yes Sir? Toady: I thought you called the exterminator to get rid of those rabbits! Dandini: I did Sir Toady: Then why are their droppings on my floor? Dandini: Well sir, there is a very good explanation for this. That is not rabbit droppings. It's the caviar one of the servants dropped earlier. Toady: Ah well that makes so much difference, CLEAR IT UP! Dandini: Very Good Sir (He clicks his fingers for a servant, the servant comes on and wipes up the caviar and goes off) (Doorbell rings) Toady: And now the guests are here. Great. Just Great. (Servant Enters) Servant: Sir the guests are... Toady: I KNOW! (Servant walks out offended) (In comes crowd of guests in overflowing dresses and suits etc. Snow White comes in last, Toady is greeting them) Toady: Oh hello my dear Snow. How's that old midget Dic? Snow: Doc. Toady: Whatever, anyway enjoy the party! (In comes Cinderella) Toady: Ah my wonderful Cinders! How are you and your sisters? Cinderella: Well, One is getting divorced and the other one is down with the flu! Toady: (Pause) Lovely! Enjoy the Party (In comes Sleeping beauty) Toady: Good evening my darling Beauty! Have you lost weight? Beauty: I doubt it. Toady: Ok then! Enjoy the party (Toady joins the party, Charming rushes in in a mess and tidies himself up, Dandini rushes over to him) ...read more.


Gertha: Cecil, it was over for us a long time ago! Snow: But we are just beginning! Cecil & Gertha: Eh? Beauty: Yeah! I need a shoulder to eat off after this ordeal! Cinderella: Why don't you come back to mine Cecil and we'll spend some time together? Snow: But he's mine. I saw him first! Beauty: No he's obviously mine! Cinderella: I knew him first! He's mine! (They have a similar fight to earlier, enveloping Cecil.) Cecil: HELP! HELP! I CAN'T BREATH! (They fight their way off dragging Cecil with them. Charming, Dandini and Gertha are the only ones left on stage. Dandini and Charming break free) Dandini: Finally! You know Nick? I'm fed up of you bossing me all around! I'm going to go and live my dream of being a... being a... Wait. I've done this all my life, I have no qualifications! I suppose I could start with McBeautys and work my way up. Yeah! (He goes off reciting various job possibilities. Charming sits down centre sage) Charming: 'Sigh' Great! I've lost everything! My home...s , My wife...s and if I can't find another wife soon, I'll lose my right to the throne! (Gertha walks over and sits next to him) Gertha: You know, I heard you talking and... Charming: Oh no! No way! Gertha: Go on it'll be fun. Besides, I've always wanted a real man, and I can see you've always wanted a real woman! Charming: So why would I want you? Gertha: Well if that's the way you feel! Charming: No wait! I suppose I could give it a shot. Gertha: I hoped you'd come around! Charming: You know, maybe I'm not that down on my luck after all. I haven't got 3 wives anymore, no more jumping between lives. I think things are on the way up from here! Gertha: Oh yes! Up, up and away! Come on hubbie lets go home! (She drags him off kicking and screaming) (Charming comes partially back on stage) Charming: Oh God how wrong was I! (He is dragged back off by Gertha) (Blackout) Finis! ...read more.

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