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Citizenship Coursework Activity

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Citizenship Coursework Activity The activity that we are going to organise is a play that will be held at a school. The play will be organised to raise money for children in need. The name of the play is going to be called "Romeo and Juliet". This relates to the citizenship studies course because it brings about changes in individuals. The aim for this activity will be for people to help raise money for children in need, to put on a very entertaining evening and for people to walk out of the school pleased with what they have seen. Even though this activity is held at a school, it is going to be a community based activity, this means that anyone will be able to come and watch. This activity has been organised in a group, there are 5 main people in the group; each person has their own duties for example, there is one person who is responsible for everyone to practice the play and has taken the main responsibility in what happens in the play. The second person will make sure that we have the right equipment needed, the third person is going to makes sure everyone is punctual to every meetings and if they are not then that person has to make sure they find out what is going on. ...read more.


This was a perfect place for the play and the activities to take place, this it because the hall was extremely big which meant a huge number of people can attend to evening event and also get a clear view of what is happening as well, so this meant there wouldn't be any complaining, we then wrote a letter to children in need asking them if they could send poster and brochures about children that are in need of support. We also made posters of our own telling the community what the activity is about, when will it be held, how much the tickets cost and how to get hold of them. Other important information was also printed on the poster. As the poster were getting hung up in public the tickets for the event was being sold. Other people have helped to make this event an amazing evening. Parents helped us by giving us advices on were we should go look for a place for the event to happen and even teachers helped by giving us ideas about what other activities that should be added to the event. The community helped my filling in the questionnaire and handing it to us as quick as they could, our friends and family also helped by making ...read more.


We also gave up a lot or out spare time so this meant that we could make it a successful event. If we could do the event again and make it better I think we would have started planning everything earlier so we could have found a better place for the event to be held. The people that we asked to help us had to make sure that what every they said they were going to help us with they had done it quickly so we can set it all up quickly. Overall I think that the event was very successful, the are no main improvements that could have been made because everything went according to plan. All the aims set for this event were met so I am extremely happy about that. Event though the event went according to plan I still think that we should have carried out more research for example we should have found other ways of raising money like finding out how the children in need are going to spend it and have more information about it on the posters so that we could get more help, but overall I am pleased with what we have done. ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 - ...read more.

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