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Colour of Nonsense Reviewed

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Forkbeard Fantasy - The Colour Of Nonsense On the 25th November 2009 our drama group saw the play The Colour Of Nonsense, in the North Wall professional theatre in Summertown, Oxford. It was a production performed by an independent theatre company. The genre of the piece was slapstick comedy, and set in an office in a city. There were five main characters: Splash, Line, Scuro, Angstrom and Hermione. Although the once famous artistic trio (Splash, Line and Scuro) have two pets; a fly called Cedric and a parrot called dolly. The set was very messy and contained many hidden meanings, on the stage left there were lots of pieces of paper and scraps, on them were drawings, this could signify that the trio were ...read more.


Splash is in my opinion what the play revolves around, he owns The Aphids and Angstrom will do almost anything to get them, the first time we meet Splash he says he is 'anything you want him to be', a moment later the phone rings and he screams 'I'm not here', this shows that he wants to famous and a figure to be admired but really he is scared of something, we find out his eagerness to be famous when we find out the phone call is about his art piece due in the next day and so he says he's not there because he is scared if it is late it will be bad publicity. ...read more.


This shows that the trio has run out of steam, because we find out that Line wants to carry on in his artist career, but just not with Splash and Scuro. My overall impression of the play was that it was very unfunny at times and at the times the audience did laugh it was not at the joke in the play but more at the actors themselves, one of the audience members said that she only laughed because she felt awkward because she didn't know what else to do. The play may have been funny and very interesting with the multimedia side of the play in the 70s, but now lots of theatre company's use multimedia. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ruairi O'Hara ...read more.

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