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Comparative Essay - the Woman in Black and Blue Remebered Hills

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'The Woman in Black' and Blue Remembered Hills Comparative Essay We performed play called Blue Remembered Hills. We also went to watch a play called The Woman in Black. The Woman in Black was based on the book by Susan Hill, directed by Robin Herford and adapted for stage by Stephen Mallatratt. It was set somewhere between 1900 and 1929, although Arthur Kipps' first encounter with the woman in black would have been about fifty years previous to this. At first, our protagonist Arthur Kipps, a solicitor, is in London but he quickly gets sent up to a small market town, on the East Coast with work. Blue Remembered Hills is a play about a group of seven children, and concentrates on their relationships and attempts to gain power within the group. One difference between the two plays that we studied is the location of the plays; Blue Remembered Hills was set in the West Country. Another Difference is that they were set at different times within the past: Blue remembered Hills was set a few years after The Woman in Black, during the Second World War in 1943. ...read more.


In The Woman in Black this is shown through the ghost of the woman in black 'childishly' taking her anger and hurt at her sons death out on others, by killing the children of those who have encounters with her. In The Woman in Black, the production cleverly builds up suspense creating a very frequent, tense atmosphere; as this was fitting for the genre. Although this is also true for our production of Blue Remembered Hills, in our physical theatre scenes and some uses of music, it is far less evident. The characters in The Woman in Black are almost all adults, whereas in Blue Remembered Hills they are children, although through play-acting, they try to mimic and copy the adults in their lives. A major difference between the two plays was that The Woman in Black was set inside a theatre to - 'a play within a play' - (although other locations like London and the East Coast were referred to) and had two time zones. Blue Remembered Hills was chronological with just one time zone. ...read more.


Therefore the events within The Woman in Black are unrealistic. Throughout our performance of Blue Remembered Hills, there is a continuous theme running through the play. Underneath the innocence and naivety of the children's fun and games, is a sinister undertone, which is mainly exposed at the end of the play, with the death of Donald. The Woman in Black definitely has a very sinister tone as the aim of the play is to scare and frighten, and various deaths occur within the plot. Nevertheless , although both plays do have a sinister tone, The Woman in Black is by far the more haunting of the two; as the style is a traditional ghost story, the aim of the production is to frighten its audience. Although Blue Remembered Hills does have the sinister undertone of child's play, it is far less obviously chilling than The Woman in Black, and is only really expressed at the end of the production. Our production was overall more poignant than it was haunting, as the death of Donald was caused by his friends, who did not mean their actions to be malicious. ...read more.

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