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Compare and Contrast Old man, old man and Warning

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Gcse English Course work Compare and Contrast Old man, old man and Warning Old Man, Old Man uses deep images of our view of a stereotypical old man. To show the life of an old man going from the master of many things to a senile old man who can not remember a thing. Warning is a similar poem about an old woman written by Jenny Joseph written in first person. This old woman that seems to have decided that her elderly years should be spent doing what she had missed out on as a child. Which is summed up in one nice quote 'make up for the sobriety of my youth'. The first lines of the beginning stanza written in Old Man, Old Man by U A Farthorpe comment on how many possessions an old man or woman collect over their possible long and interesting lives. 'He lives in a world of small recalcitrant' this quote is commenting on how he is still free to do what he wants but he is restrained by his age. ...read more.


I would have assumed that the poem would have a sound progression from the old man being strong and virile to old and weak and then eventually death. This is not the case the stanzas jump around and the time line muddled up. Why this format has been used in my opinion is to give the reader uncertainty to the final outcome of the poem. Also to give us a sense of confusion which all adds to the feel and mood of the poem. The vast contrast between the two types of stanza is clearly evident in the first two stanzas. Stanza one tells us that the old man was a person that needed no help who did it himself. Stanza two informs the reader that the old man has lost his mental stability and now struggles to remember thing that he always knew. 'Clues He left for himself when he saw better' this quote tells me that the old man has known that this was going to happen (get old and go senile). ...read more.


In warning you can still see as with Old man, old man that both poems have been written with the experience and or knowledge of elderly people. There are still several clues in the poems that refer to what I would call a stereotypical old person. I have seen on many occasion old people hoard collect and steal thing like bottle of fluid, rubbish, newspapers. One of the most famous old people who behaved in this way was Mr Trebus from BBC 1 'A life of grime'. The two poem comment on this behaviour 'and hoards pens and pencils and beer mats and things in boxes' and in Old man, old man 'Things in bottles, with tacky labels. In conclusion the two poems are similar because they are both about old people. There structure, language and the way they are read is completely different. For example Warning seems to contain commands or instructions on how an old person should behave. Still both poems have shown me vivid pictures of an old persons life even thought there styles are completely different. ...read more.

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