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Compare and contrast the method and effectiveness of the narrative technique used in 'To the Wedding' by Berger and 'Chronicle of a Death Foretold' by Marquez

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Compare and contrast the method and effectiveness of the narrative technique used in 'To the Wedding' by Berger and 'Chronicle of a Death Foretold' by Marquez The styles of narrative in 'Chronicle of a Death Foretold,' and 'To the Wedding' are entirely different and both have different effects on how the stories are perceived. In 'Chronicle' the narrator is telling the story in first person, giving several different accounts of the same event, by people he had interviewed. Throughout 'Chronicle' the same narrative is used. This is contrary to 'To the Wedding.' This story has a main narrator who is blind, but his blindness amplifies all his other senses, and the narrator becomes omniscient. This story shifts from character to character telling of their different journeys to acceptance of AIDS, for some characters in the third person and others in the first. The narration in 'To the Wedding' can cause the story to be somewhat confusing, because the narration shifts seamlessly making it sometimes hard to tell whose point of view you are now hearing. This is especially apparent in the beginning of the novel. Once you learn who each character is the reader soon realizes which story is whose. ...read more.


It did not outline a single event, but told a story. 'Chronicle' was a chronicle of events that took place in small town while trying to discover why the murder of Santiago could not be prevented. Different parts of the event were explored not necessarily in the order that they happened. The narrator looked through many different view points to try and piece the murder together, sometimes even from different time periods. The information given in 'Chronicle,' came from several different sources at several different times. Each person naturally had a slightly different account of what exactly happened, sometimes that person's account changed over time. This was the case with Divina Flor, where her account at the time was affected by her mother's view because she was so young. Whereas twenty-seven years later she is no longer under the control of her mother and is able to shape her own views pertaining to the murder and of Santiago. The fact that all the information was not entirely reliable, makes the story itself even more reliable. This is because it makes the story more human, as the memory of an event can change over time. ...read more.


Had it been written from beginning to end it would have been a very boring novel. The way the narrator dissects each different piece of the puzzle creates anticipation. He almost goes through the morning of the murder through several different points of view, noticing subtle differences in the stories between each of the characters. Had the narrator been omniscient, there would have been no story to be told. The reader would have known all and it would have been boring. This is the exact opposite in 'To the Wedding,' where the narrator is omniscient and had he not been the story would have made little sense, since it is based on the inner thoughts of the characters. If we did not know these thoughts, the story would be very hollow. The two different styles of narration both worked in entirely different ways, and had entirely different effects on the stories. It is apparent that a lot thought was put into the narration technique by both authors, because they both fit the story they were trying to tell perfectly. Both techniques were effective in making their stories fully comprehendible. Both authors could have used different techniques, but it is the way these two stories are narrated that set them apart from other novels. ...read more.

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