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Compare at least three photographs belonging to one of the six types discussed in the tutorial. Address such issues as: what do they all have in common, and why? What may account for their differences?

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Personal Photography Compare at least three photographs belonging to one of the six types discussed in the tutorial. Address such issues as: what do they all have in common, and why? What may account for their differences? One of the six types that where discussed in the tutorial was 'your favourite personal photograph'. It is this type that I will be looking at in the form of three photos one coming from my set of six that we each had to bring to the tutorial and two others coming from two other tutorial members. The instruction to bring in your favourite personal photograph was a very broad and open one. It meant that many different photographs where brought in, each obviously completely personal. It must be taken into consideration those six photographs where required and when selecting my personal photographs I was careful to select one that did not fit into the other categories. The nature of the question asked of each student meant that from looking at there photograph something could be learnt about the person. Looking at all the photographs trends can be seen such as couples are often involved in the pictures also alcohol seems to be in almost every one bar a few. These are trends which I will look at in depth to try and get an understanding of what it is each person sees in a photograph that makes it there 'favourite'. ...read more.


This has meant that when selecting our 'favourite personal photograph' we all often have hundreds too choose from. So with hundreds to choose from for the average person it must be considered why there are similarities in the photos chosen as the favourite. In a sense it could be said that it is because we seem to hold similar values of friendship and family so they appear in many of our favourite photographs. The photograph often shows an image of other people that are close to us and involved in our lives such as family or friends. In many of the photographs also alcohol seems to be present the reason for this could be because many of the photos are of loved ones together and this may only take place at gatherings such as parties where alcohol would be present. It would be wrong and naive to assume that the presence of alcohol meant that the scene photographed was a happier one. It is more of a coincidence that when we get together as a family or friends we tend to indulge in alcohol. As was seen from the tutorial not all the photographs taken where of family and friends some of the photos brought in where of pets or pictures that made them laugh. This shows personal differences or merely a different interpretation of 'your favourite personal photograph'. ...read more.


Positive feelings can be drawn from each one some easier than others. This is due to the fact that if it is not our photos we are looking at there may well be aspects of the photograph that we do not understand. We can only learn there true meaning through asking the owners 'why is it your favourite personal photograph'. We can however make an attempt to understand them through analysing and making an attempt at understanding why the photograph is so special to the person who owns it. In each photo there are telling points that allow us to get an understanding of what is occurring in the photograph. The differences seen among the three photos are mainly due to personal differences among the owners of the photographs. The similarities are because we are to an extent similar we generally as a society have the same ideas of what is a good photograph. Almost all of us have people such as family that are close to us so it is no surprise that we often pick our favourite photos with them in it. This understanding of what is important to us as a society has allowed me to look at these photos with this understanding and understand the reasons for them being their 'favourite photographs' . The photographic image in digital culture ,martin lister, Photography a critical introduction. Liz wells Consuming places, john urry ...read more.

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