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Compare Brimestone and Treackle with Death and the Maiden

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Describe and compare Brimstone and Treacle with Death and the Maiden Brimstone and Treacle is a play set in the time when England was dominated by the industrial revolution. It is based on a young woman who was involved in a car accident and is left very disabled. A man, who appears to the family as her boyfriend, comes to the house and lives with her. Te gullible parents allow him to stay and then the plot unfolds. We read the final scene of the play, where flares of all of the characters personality really show. The supposed "fianc´┐Ż" is with the parents in the evening, talking about issues that have been affecting them. ...read more.


I think that the writer has based this play on society. There are several references to the government and race in it. I think that he is trying to show how corrupt and unequal the society is, however sweet and genuine it appears to be. He also tells us very plainly at the end, that they can always get away with it and the suffering people have to learn to live with it. It can also apply to other smaller societies, that why it is so attractive. The writer, in my opinion, used this one family so that it can broaden the horizon for the audience, and so that they can fit it in to their own lives. ...read more.


You also are an onlooker, and have no clue of truth, whether this man is the real torturer. I feel this play, like B&T, is also aimed at the government, showing how people are corrupt and have no remorse for people who have been brutally tortured. They both do this by using ordinary people with stories of their own, helping the audience relate to them. I prefer Death and the Maiden, because it shows how distort the government really is. However, it does this in a more blatant way then B&T, and makes it much easier for the audience to relate to the woman, and feel sorry for her. Overall though they are both excellent examples of provocative theatre and drama with morals behind them. By Mantaj Rai ...read more.

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