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Comparing and contrasting Blood Brothers with Grease

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AQA GCSE Blood Brothers and Grease I have studied plays, two of them being Blood Brothers and Grease. I will be comparing and contrasting Blood Brothers with Grease, both of the plays are set in the restrictive 1950's. Blood Brothers is about twin brothers and their mother who are forced through poverty to give away on of the sons. One stays with his mother, a poor cleaner, and grows up in poor surroundings. The other is given to the mother's boss, a woman who can't have children with her husband, and is rich. The play deals with how both the mother and the children behave in the years after this deal. We see the growth of the boys and how their paths cross, all the time shrouded in superstition and fear. From the moment she gives up Edward, Mrs Johnston regrets it but realises, too late that she has sealed undesirable fate for the boys when she is told: "You do know what they say about twins, separated at birth? ...read more.


Blood Brothers was written in the 1980's and it has a "timeless feel to it". This suggests that it can be set in any year and it wouldn't be affected. Grease deals with the societal issues and stereotypes of America in the 1950's; women were certainly treated differently then compared to in this day and age. In the film woman had little power in the film, the only main influence being sexual. Mrs Johnson is treated badly by men, as they are totally unreliable towards her. Regardless of this, she is a strong character and she knows what she wants out of life. In Blood Brothers Mrs Lyons typifies her perfect life, manners, money and style. Whereas compared to Mrs Lyons she is the less fortunate as her life is full of poverty. Furthermore, this view of society for Mrs Lyons is still negative as her marriage is unstable. Again, the same is for Mrs Johnston's relationships with men as they are unreliable. ...read more.


This suggests that she isn't very secure within herself and surroundings. Many of the children get into trouble, for instance like Sammy. This gives the impression that Mrs Johnston can't control; her children. Rizzo is viewed harshly by the 1950's culture, including other characters and her. In Blood Brothers and Grease, they are similar as they both are musicals, with the spoken play being split up with songs. Important parts of the play with high moments of emotion are expressed through song and dance routines. However it differs as in Blood Brothers the script studied was not the musical version. So this therefore means that highly emotive scenes had to be expressed through words alone, So that the audience could react to what was happening. The acting style is different to Grease as Blood Brothers is for the stage which includes bolder acting. Whereas Grease is for the TV, so therefore this suggests that more subtle acting is required. Sabrina Bagria ...read more.

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