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Comparing Blood Brothers and Caucasian Chalk Circle.

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Brendon Borer Comparing Blood Brothers and Caucasian Chalk Circle Caucasian Chalk Circle and Blood Brothers both have similarities and differences, which I will discuss in the following essay. Blood Brothers is a play about two boys split at birth who, by fate, meet again. Caucasian Chalk Circle, on the other hand, is a play about a women who steals a baby and looks after it for years before the real mum tries to claim it back after war. Both plays include children who aren't looked after each other for different reasons. In Caucasian Chalk Circle it is because the mother forgot or left her child and in Blood Brothers it was because the mother believed she could afford the child and it would live a better life somewhere else. I believe however hard and stressful that was it was the right decision because she unselfishly gave up her blood in order to not only give that child a higher standard of living but her other children as well. She should not be regarded as nasty and someone who absconded from her children. In both plays children were brought up in poverty. In Blood Brothers it was Mickey and his brothers and sisters brought up without money at their dispense. ...read more.


The characters weren't all appointed names so we didn't feel emotionally involved in their affairs. Also people played more than on character and most of the time appeared on stage. This is all apart of alienation or verframdungseffen. They always face the audience to talk so I doesn't always seem as they are talking to the other characters to let you know it isn't real. They sing songs to make you realise they aren't really the person they are playing. The same reason they stand on stage. The singer sets the seen and as this play is epic theatre, it also sets the time. When the songs are sung everyone not in character joins in. I discussed multi role the reason this is evident in Caucasian Chalk Circle is because if you see someone as two people then you will remember he isn't really feeling this emotion, he isn't really dying for example. In Blood Brothers there is a pacific narrator so you feel he is a higher figure telling you what is happening, informing you. He is not a multi role. He doesn't draw us to far out. Although to me, he did slightly. ...read more.


With the naughty children and the hard working mum. In Caucasian Chalk Circle every character is exaggerated and stereotyped so he/she isn't all that realistic. Like the Priest. He is over the top and a stereotype. You hear of many drunk, staggering frauds as priests. Mainly because their job is so holy people want them not to be seen as so innocent. So in Caucasian Chalk Circle you see the priests as one of these but overly exaggerated. He asks for huge sums of money for a illegal marriage and also is drunk well passing it. The costumes in these two pieces were pretty similar. They were as the character would were them. Eg Mickey was poor had poorish clothes, Azdak believed in not showing wealth wore raged clothes. In conclusion I'd like to point out the fact Blood Brothers started at the end and then went to the beginning whereas Caucasian Chalk Circle worked the chronological way through. Also we had to make many decisions in our group. We elected Tom Wells as our leader and most discussions we had ended in some sort of rational decision. Many times one of us took the role as director and edited certain scenes. Finally I'd like to point out that although very different styles, both performances were equally enjoyable and I thought both in and out of school quality was in evidence. ...read more.

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