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Comparing 'Bradley' to 'Billy liar'

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Comparing 'Bradley' to 'Billy liar' My improvisation is called 'Bradley' and I am comparing this to a play we have read in drama called 'Billy Liar'. Billy Liar is written in around 1960 by Keith Waterhouse and is set in an industrial town. A difference between the two plays is that 'Bradley is set in the present day and 'Billy liar is set in the 1960, this tells us that people's views have changed and also the social life has changed. Our play is mainly about having different pressures, and we used different techniques to show these pressures. The play consisted of different scenes where Bradley meets his girlfriends. Also in 'Billy liar' there are many scenes where he meets his girlfriends. During 'Billy Liar' Billy lies to his girlfriends to get himself out of trouble, and also in 'Bradley' Bradley lies to get him self out of trouble, trouble that they got them self into. ...read more.


You could tell that Billy liar is set quite a lot of years ago as they were in a industrial town and didn't have a lot of money, and also the way they just lazed about the house and making the wife do all the work just like people used to do in the 1960's. In Bradley you could tell it is set in the present day with having the coffee bar scene and also the night club scene. I would also say that more people in the present day would have cheated on their girlfriend or boyfriend, and also it is a lot more common for people to cheat on each, but in the 1960's it was very rare for people to cheat on each other. In the more modern day it is more likely that people will cheat on each other. There are a lot more people that go to university and have to study a lot so don't have enough time to have ...read more.


This is shown because of how many times Billy gets into trouble and lie's his way out of it, the girls always come back to him. But in Bradley it is always Bradley who does all the chasing and it shows at the end where all his girlfriends leave him that they aren't too interested in him. Another comparison between the two plays is that, both Billy and Bradley are greedy and always want more. In Bradley, he is greedy by having more than one girlfriend and in Billy Liar he also has more than one girlfriend, really Billy should just stay with one girlfriend. Our play has a different ending, because Bradley was so greedy in having more than one girlfriend it backfired at him as they all left him and he had no one, but in Billy Liar they don't all leave him and it leaves you on the edge about whether he did or did not get on the train an leave his family. Ashley Knowles ...read more.

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