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Comparing 'Coram Boy' with my devised piece

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Drama Coursework The two plays I will write about are my devised piece and 'Coram Boy' written as a novel by Jamila Gavin and adapted for stage by Helen Edmundson. My devised piece was very different to Coram Boy, although it had some similar elements in it. It had a very fluid structure, with undefined scenes that merge into each other via smooth transitions. My devised piece was in chronological order however time was abstract, and some parts of the play fast -forwarded slightly in time. In the latter stages of the piece, some lines were repeated from previous parts of the play, however these were parts of the main character's memory. The piece was quite abstract, some scenes showing naturalistic conversation (such as the 'generals talking to the main character Colonel Armstrong), and other parts that showed complete abstraction, often depicting Colonel Armstrong's deteriorating mental health. ...read more.


The play is very serious, with elements of tragedy and horror, creating a mixed genre. Meshak, the son of the main villain Otis Gardiner, sacrifices his own life to save two children Aaron and Toby. The horror is generated from the actions of Otis Gardiner, who kills babies and exploits their parents. Despite this the play has some comical elements towards the beginning of the first and second halves. My devised piece has a dark theme. The tyrannical Colonel Armstrong abuses and insults the privates of his company until he accidentally kills one of them. He is wracked with guilt and fear of getting caught and lets his guard down for the other privates to stand up for themselves and bring him down. It is up to the audience's interpretation weather he is killed or not. Every character in the play conspires against Armstrong. ...read more.


Private Rosenberg speaks with more of a middle class voice and has much less confidence. Private Powell speaks with an east London 'Cockneyish' accent with more of a gruff tone, as he is the oldest of the privates. The generals who question colonel Armstrong talk with very pompous upper class English accents and stutter a lot, because they are old and senile. In Coram Boy all of the Ashbrooke family speak with an upper class accent, with Lord Ashbrooke speaking in the snootiest accent of all. Thomas Ledbury speaks with more country working class accent, as he of a poor background. Otis Gardiner speaks in a gruff fearsome tone with a lower-class accent and so does Mrs Lynch. The underlying theme of my devised piece is the concept of overthrowing an oppressive power. This theme was inspired by the poem Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll, which depicts a warrior slaying a monster, in a very abstract style. My devised piece shows Colonel Armstrong as this oppressive power, and the privates as the force that brings him down. ...read more.

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