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Comparing MacBeth and living with lady Macbeth

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In Drama I have been studying two plays. The first one is Macbeth, by far the shortest of Shakespeare's tragedies, which explores the nature of evil, witchcraft and ambition. Shakespeare examines jealousy, ambition, self doubt and passion- the feelings that we all have to some degree. The second piece is Living With Lady Macbeth by Rob John which we are performing as one of our assessments. In our play there are nine of us - eight girls and one boy. Everyone appears throughout the play. I play the part of one of the girls. Macbeth has several settings in this play. These include the battlefield, an open place upon a heath, inside Macbeth's castle and the English court. Living With Lady Macbeth also has several settings. These include Lily's house and the school. This modern play deals sympathetically and realistically with teenage bullying and examines the characteristics invested in the character of Lady Macbeth and to some extent, in the character of Lily. ...read more.


In Living With Lady Macbeth similarly the climax comes at the end of the play when Lily decides against playing Lady Macbeth. There is some humour in both pieces. In Macbeth the porter scene is humorous. The language the porter uses and also the visual comedy. In Living With Lady Macbeth the three girls and Barry are humorous, however there are also moments of great tension similar to Macbeth. The culture and society of these pieces contrast greatly: Macbeth, is a supernatural play, based around witchcraft. Living With Lady Macbeth has a school as its setting, to which our audience can relate. The three girls nameless and stereotypically, belittle Lily and he ambition to play Lady Macbeth. Even Lily's mother and boyfriend do not believe that she is capable of the role. The protagonist, Macbeth, is the archtypal tragic hero with the fatal flaw. There is a domestic element to Macbeth as well. ...read more.


Traditionally, Macbeth is played on a thrust stage- raised and built into the audience, and partly covered. There would have been little scenery, very few props and a strong emphasis on the dialogue to create setting, mood and atmosphere. The staging of Living With Lady Macbeth is similarly minimalistic as the very brief scenes run fluidly without interruption, so we are performing the play on a composite set. It was necessary to make substantial cuts in our piece Living With Lady Macbeth so that we could adhere to the time limit. This therefore meant the 'death' of the girls and cutting of Macbeth himself due to the lack of an additional actor. When Shakespeare wrote Macbeth he wanted to please James I. He wanted a Catharsis reaction. We want our audience to enjoy our performance of Living With Lady Macbeth as much as we enjoyed preparing it. We want them to leave with a great understanding of the piece. They should hopefully be able to relate to our piece and learn from it. ?? ?? ?? ?? Danielle Murray 5 Layde ...read more.

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