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Comparision of dicvised peice and another sun

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Comparing "Another Sun" (live theatre) to my devised piece (Alone on earth?) I have just completed a piece of drama practical called "Alone on Earth?" for part of my drama G.c.s.e. In this essay I intend to compare the similarities and differences between my devised piece and a live performance called "Another sun" Another sun is about 3 people. Albert Einstein, Marie curie and Robert Oppenheim; and how they were trying to warn the world about the effects of the atomic bomb. They do this by telling the audience the story of their lives, and the effect that the bomb had on Hiroshima. Our devised piece was about how 5 people were the only survivors left on earth after a nuclear holocaust and we intended to show the audience our relationships with one another, and what we were willing to do in order to survive. ...read more.


Not only this, but it was used in the background to create a sense on unease on the audience. "Another sun" highlights the social arguments raised by the atomic bomb and shows the audience how in today's generation is being blamed for global warming, when it was in fact the unchangeable past, when the Americans dropped the atomic bomb. "Alone on Earth" also highlighted problems; for example how jealousy and greed can overcome people in today's society. The actors were trying to make a point that we as a nation must change in order for us to live full and happier lives. One difference between the plays was the historical differences. "Another sun" was a play about the past, and what events have occurred so that we live in the world we do today. ...read more.


"Alone on earth" was preformed on a bigger stage, but the effects were the same. The audience felt trapped and were held by the tension of the piece. In conclusion, both plays were very similar but the effects on the audience were designed to be very different. "Another sun" was made to show how socially we are not to be blamed for global warming and how we were warned about it. On the other hand, "Alone on earth" was made to show how we must change now in order to live in a better world. The differences in the two pieces were how the history cannot be changed, but if we change our ways now, we may be able to salvage some pride on our earth. ...read more.

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