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Comparison between Blue Remembered Hills by Dennis Potter and Blood Brothers by Willie Russell.

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Comparison between Blue Remembered Hills by Dennis Potter and Blood Brothers by Willie Russell. In January 2004 we performed a scripted assessment of Blue Remembered Hills, this was based on research that we did about life in the Second World War and the writer Dennis Potter. In this essay I will compare Blue Remembered Hills to Blood Brothers by Willie Russell. I will be looking at the similarities and differences between the two pieces of performance. Blue Remembered Hills is very different from Dennis Potter's other plays as it is much more naturalistic and the simplest in form and content. However this simplicity and naturalism in the writing is in contrast to the performance. This is because Potter has chosen to have his seven-year-old characters played by adult actors, this is not in keeping with the naturalistic themes of the play. By doing this Potter has managed to highlight the children's emotions and actions by having them all most magnified. Blue Remembered Hills is the story of a group of seven, seven year olds on a summer holiday afternoon. They are Angela, Audrey, Peter, Donald (Duck), Willie, Raymond and John. ...read more.


I shall tell his mama. Her'll skin him alive, won't her, Donald Duck? Won't her? She hits you with the poker, don't she!" This shows that Donald is not only being treated badly by his mother but also by his friends. In our performance of Blue Remembered Hills we all had to play children. I played Audrey; to show Audrey was seven years old I emphasized a child's normal behavior and mannerisms. One way I did this was by standing with my toes pointed inwards and my hands left hanging loosely by my sides. I had to make this behavior look natural, as Blue Remembered Hills is a naturalistic play. This is different from Blood Brothers, which is a non-naturalistic play, this is because the characters break out into songs in the performance, they use these to convey to the audience how they are feeling and what they are thinking (e.g. when Mickey and Eddie sing 'that guy'). In Blood Brothers there is a narrator, who speaks at points through the play, he also interacts with the characters by handing them props (e.g. ...read more.


In Blood Brothers they also use colour and costumes effectively to show the persons character or the tone and mood of the scene. The narrator wears black and also has very dark hair; this shows the audience that he is evil. In this essay I have looked at the similarities and differences between Blue Remembered Hills and Blood Brothers. I have learnt that even though they are very different style pieces they use many of the same techniques. I have also learnt that Dennis Potter does not write simple plays and that although at first they seem to be simple as you look at them more closely you realize that he says a lot about society and human behavior in his plays, all be it indirect in the case of Blue Remembered Hills, all of this is left open for individual interpretation. If I were to approach his work again I would research the society and culture it was set in more thoroughly so I could discover what it was he had been trying to say to the audience through the play. Megan Codling ...read more.

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