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Comparison between two Rebus's, the first Rebus will be the character from Ian Rankin's first book Knots and Crosses, and tne Rebus now from the latest Ian Rankin novel, 'A Question of Blood'.

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When Ian Rankin's creation Detective Inspector John Rebus gets involved in a case, he just does not get involved to assist in solving the case but makes it a personal objective to solve the case single-handed. In this essay I will conduct a comparison between two Rebus's, the first Rebus will be the character from Ian Rankin's first book Knots and Crosses from when Rebus was a DS in the force and compared to the Rebus now from the latest Ian Rankin novel, 'A Question of Blood' when he is a DI and biding his time until his pension. While I construct this comparison, I will also have a look at the progression of Rebus from then to now. When Ian Rankin introduces DS John Rebus of Lothian and Borders Police Service in 'Knots and Crosses', it is the first time that the reader hears of him. He is standing in the rain at the grave of his dead father in Fife, as it was the fifth anniversary since his death. This is compared to the modern day Rebus when he is in the hospital being treated for burns to his hands. Now in the modern day he is a DI and known in the force as one of the old school coppers left in the force. ...read more.


his Army days; while in 'A Question of Blood' the letters that Siobhan were receiving was from the deceased's girlfriend as she was blaming her for his death. Rebus has two options in both novels which determine the course of both stories, these decisions both involves his family and whether to carry on with the case. The first of these will happen in 'Knots and Crosses' when Rebus's daughter Sammy is abducted by the killer in an attempt for Rebus to realise who the killer was and when Rebus's bosses at Fettes pulled hi of the case; ha had decided to carry on personally to find his daughter and get revenge on his once best friend. Whereas in 'A Question of Blood' it was Rebus's cousin's son that was killed by the killer. When Rebus first heard his cousin's family name mentioned, a choice automatically appeared which was that if he told superiors of the family connections then he would be brought off the case and put on suspension for the other murder case that is going on in at that moment; or he can keep quiet and remain on active duty. The choice that he made in both novels was left to the readers own imagination. ...read more.


Whereas in 'Knots and Crosses' he did everything that his superiors had asked him to do until when he was told not to act on his own to deal with his daughter's abduction on his own terms which Rebus had just went and done. To conclude this essay it had looked like that Rebus had not changed as much in the terms of the way that he handles cases and the way he works to solves them. But what has changed is the way that he treats his family and the people that he holds close to him as he knows that he would be a lonely man if they left him and what has also changed is the way that he treats authority in the force as he will disobey direct orders and have raging arguments with his superiors; this compared to the first Rebus when he had just wanted to work hard and gained promotion so that he would not be giving such stupid jobs when major inquires occurred in Edinburgh but throughout the whole series he has been awkward towards his job and has a case of anti-authority towards his superiors.. John Marr 6S Ian Rankin Second Draft Specialist Study John Marr 6S ...read more.

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