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Comparison of 'Heroin Lies' with 'The Basketball Diaries'.

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Drama Essay- comparison of 'Heroin Lies' with 'The Basketball Diaries' Heroin is a deadly drug, which kills approximately one million people every year. In this essay I will be comparing two dramatic acts. 'Heroin Lies', which I acted out. The other is a 1995 hit called 'The Basketball Diaries'. I chose this particular film to compare with my act because they have several similarities but also a number amount of differences. The beginning of the film 'The Basketball diaries' starts with an ordinarily boy waking up in bed on a normal day. Instantly you see that he has got a type of book in his hand, which later on we see that it is his diary which he occasionally writes in. In the block opposite him we see a strong religious woman constantly shouting out what seems to be a prayer. We then witness the boy by the name of Jimmy Carroll change from an innocent being to a horrifying beast as he tells this religious woman to "Shut up!" ...read more.


Vicki was a young stubborn teenager who had a lot of confusing things going on in her life, although she finally decided to make a decision and start taking drugs to solve her problems. Mandy had been involved with drugs longer than Vicki. So obviously Mandy would be more confident about it. Mandy can easily loose her temper as we showed in the play when Vicki hits the drugs all over the floor. Mandy ends up slapping Vicki. This implies that Mandy is quite violent and doesn't know how to control her emotions very well. My character (Jason) wears corded trouser and an old knitted woollen jumper to show that he bought them from Oxfam, since what he wears is mentioned in the script. I believe that Jason is quite immature watching playschool and pretending to grow into a big tree. However this end scene Mandy got what she came for. Jason, my character, was an older brother of Vicki, as it says in the script however I had played him younger then Vicki. ...read more.


Jimmy Carroll (The Basketball Diaries) is a drug addict and like Vicki Brown gets thrown out of his house. This is an example of a similarity. However after becoming a drug addict Vicki Brown then leads to a tragic ending. Whilst Jimmy Carroll then realises his mistakes, then fights his addiction to drugs. I have researched Heroin to find out more about this drug. 'Heroin is a highly addictive drug, and its use is a serious problem in America. Recent studies suggest a shift from injecting heroin to snorting or smoking because of increased purity and the misconception that these forms of use will not lead to addiction.' (From a website discussing drugs) The play that I did 'Heroin Lies' and the film 'The Basketball Diaries' had several similarities and differences. The main similarity that I picked up was that these two plays were based on drugs. This is also the main reason I chose to compare these two plays. 'Heroin Lies' was set in the 90's, which is modern time. These days it tends to be teenagers that are addicted to these drugs. The film 'The Basketball Diaries' was also set in the 90's, which again the teenagers are pushed towards Heroin. ...read more.

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