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Consider the dramatic importance of act 4 scene 1. And how as a director would you overcome some of its problems?

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Consider the dramatic importance of act 4 scene 1. And how as a director would you overcome some of its problems? In this assignment I am going to consider the dramatic importance of act 4 scene 1. And how as a director how would I overcome some of its problems. Previous to this scene Macbeth has had an encounter with Banquo's ghost at the banquet and he then decides to visit the witches. This scene is of high dramatic importance, and there are many problems for a director in staging it. The witches in this scene I think are of great dramatic importance, probably of the highest, and I think this is the most important scene in the play. The witches in this scene are very important in the plot and develop certain aspects of the play. Even just their presence in this scene is very dramatic and would have been even more so when this play was first written, this is because at the time people believed in witches and the supernatural. ...read more.


The reason for this is that people of the present day unlike the people who would have see the first performances of this do not believe in the supernatural or witches, therefore this scene would not been see as something to fear. This would reduce the effect on the audience and this scene would lose a considerable amount dramatic importance. Many directors have presented the witches as the typical stereotype witch and this has not achieved the same effect that the witches should have on an audience. To achieve the same effect on today's audience I would change the appearance of the witches into something that today's audience would fear, and witches that would carry the same amount of dramatic importance as they originally would have done. I would probably change them to look gothic and evil by dressing in dark clothing and wearing dark (black) make up. ...read more.


poison'd entrails, fenny snake, toe of frog, tongue of dog. This would be a gruesome scene and it would be very hard to direct. I would use dummy items using liquids to make these items realistic as they would be throw into the cauldron. By doing this it would make this scene dramatic and fearful, and would make the audience react to the gruesome, graphical scenes created by the dummy items. To highlight these items I would have a light shone onto the cauldron while these were being thrown in. My conclusion is that the witches create a considerable amount of dramatic importance to act 4 scene 1, This is because they convey fear, build up tension, and set enigmas throughout this scene. Also there are many problems in staging this scene for a present day performance, but there is nothing that a director could not overcome using some creativity and modern day technology. By Gary Kirk. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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