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Considerations for doing the play to Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee.

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Drama Coursework Introduction We are doing the play to Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee. When I found out we were doing this play I was very pleased as we had studied it briefly in English during year 8 and I had enjoyed it immensely and looked forward to learning many new dramatical skills. I then wonder3ed what dramatical skills I would learn or improve on. Initially I thought it would be a lot of analysis and then re-enactments of certain scenes. Then I thought we may have a look at different ways people could have handled things in scenes so a bit of improvisation. Below are some of the dramas kills we used and how they helped: Drama Skills/Tasks/Scenes! Spontaneous and Planned Improvisation - We showed what we thought would have happened in scenes that weren't in the play. Here I learnt how to have a different perspective on characters and to think deeply about their personality and characteristics. Spontaneous Improvisation as when we had very little time to prepare and barely had time to run through it and planned was when we had longer. This was my favourite activity as it involved the most 'free' type of acting where we made up what happened ourselves with a basis of what we may be thinking. ...read more.


Status - This is where we ad to convey a feeling of lower and higher status between two people. I found this quite easy and fun as I had done it a lot last year in Drama. The scenes I remember doing are: Rabid Dog scene: Here the drama skills we used were, script work, and staging. We prepared in groups of 6, to do a play where we would be focusing on a dog with rabies that was off screen, in the scene there was a porch, a garden, a road two houses and we had to work out where everything was. I found this quite difficult, as there was a lot to think about, and not very fun as it was very complicated and involved us reading off the script. Tension Scene: Here the Drama skills used were, Lighting, script work. We prepared in groups of about 7 a scene where a man (atticus) gets confronted by an angry mob where there is a lot of tension, which gets slowly diffused by the innocence of a small child. I found this scene similar to the Rabid Dog one, as it was quite complicated working with the lights and how they would be most effective and the fact we were reading from scripts made the acting stiffer. ...read more.


Conclusion Overall I enjoyed reading the play and acting the scenes. Most of the scenes were beneficial to my understanding of the play and helped my acting skills. The Skills that helped me the most were: Thought-tracking - Helped me the most as it helped me really get involved and get a good understanding of the character and why they were doing what they were doing. Staging - Although rather complicated this helped immensely as it was the first time I looked hard at staging and how it effects a play. Script Work - Without this I would not have had much of an idea of what was going on even though it did get a bit boring. Skills that may have helped me if we had done more of them would have been: Improvisation - This is my favourite type of acting and it really helps you get a good understanding of what is happening and why, more of this would have enriched my understanding of the play further. Mime - I found what we did of this very good as it concentrated on your facial expressions which are one of the most important parts of acting, more of this would have again helped me understand the play better. I think we covered all the skills that we could have done. By Leo Matlock 10MP. ...read more.

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