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Coursework play : 3 Friends

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GCSE Theatre Studies Coursework ACTORS: Mike McClue Max Venison Matt Lyth Cath Lewis Katie Molloy We based our coursework play around friendships and relationships. We used these topics to try and emphasize the fact that friendships are more important then relationships. This was what we tried to show as a moral to the audience. Their reaction was quiet yet they seemed to understand the moral behind the story that we tried to put across to them. Our play was about 3 friends who find themselves torn apart by 2 women. This meant that now 1 of the friends was left out of everything. We used emotions to try and show that there was anger now occurring between the group of male friends. After a lot of arguments and emotions running high it was obviously going to become a problem. ...read more.


This would be performed to an average audience of 15 to 40 year olds. This is because the genre is very widely spread. We had the humour and the awareness for the modern teenager and the twisting love for the average adult. This would probably be performed in such places as America. This is because of the talk show at the end and the beginning. It was a classic example of American T.V. Our resources were plays of love, and talk shows on TV. These two resources would help us cover all aspects of the play. Obviously there was more in depth research we had to do but they were the only the resources were all we would need to have a broad idea of the whole play. ...read more.


My input to this play was a sympathising mate who was the lucky one and got a girlfriend. I used anger, and love emotions to show that my part new how friendships were more important then girlfriends. This helped the whole group emphasize our moral. I also tried to use the complete opposite emotions from my partner Mike who had the role of the friend who cared more for his girlfriend. This would give the audience an opinion of both a person who cared more for a friend and a person who cared more for his girlfriend. The play on the whole was a success because the lighting and the acting came together nicely. However it seemed as if a few scenes were skipped because of the small amount of time given to act and the sudden jumps from night to night. This could have been made up for because of the emotions we used which gave the right idea. ...read more.

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