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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Drama
  • Word count: 3400

Criminal Law

Extracts from this document...


CRIMINAL LAW Scene One (This scene takes place in court) 30th November 2006 Court Rep: The court shall rise to welcome the honorable judge miss Melody. Judge: You all may sit. (a moment of silence) Counsel you may state the case. Court Rep: A case of rape: under section 296 of the Cameroon penal code. Judge: What does the accused plead? Accused: Not guilty. Court Rep: The accused shall lay his pledge. Pastor: Are you a Christian, Muslim or pagan? Accused: Muslim. Pastor: Do swear before this Koran that whatsoever you say will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Accused: I, Mr. Amadou, do state before this Koran that whatsoever I will say will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Judge: Prosecution Counsel, you may raise your case. P.C.: Now Mr. Amadou, could you please tell this court where exactly you were on that fateful night of the 25th November 2006? Accused: With all due respect your honour, I am a Muslim. I believe in the doctrine of the Koran. So I don't see why you should intrude into my privacy by asking where I was. P.C.: Listen Mr. Amadou, you are in court remember? You've just said no-one should intrude into your privacy. I doubt if you have one. You also said you believe in the doctrine of the Koran. Does that doctrine state that rape is legal? Def. C.: Objection my Lady, counsel is making senseless assumptions, thereby wasting the time of this honourable court. Judge: Objection overruled. Prosecutor, go straight to the point. P.C.: As your Ladyship pleases. Now Mr. Amadou, I would be asking you this question for the very second time; where exactly were you on that fateful night? Accused: I was in Yaounde carrying out business on the request of the governor. P.C.: Oh! You were in Yaounde carrying out business for the governor? ...read more.


Def.C.: Which part of her body was beaten up? Mr. Tony: Most of the beating was on the right hand side of her face and she was left with a black eye there. Def.C.: You mean she had a black eye around her right eye? Mr. Tony: Yes. Def.C.: Now Mr. Tony, are you sure it is my client you saw? Mr. Tony: Um, um yes, I saw him well. Def.C.: My Lady, rape is against the right of human diplomacy. Mr. Tony, I put it to you that you bloodily beat up your girlfriend. Mr. Tony: It's all a lie! Def.C.: My Lady, this will be all for now. Judge: Any more witnesses prosecution counsel? P.C.: My Lady, the victim herself is here. Judge: Okay, bring her forward. Pastor: Now young lady, are you a Christian, Muslim or Pagan? Vivian: Christian Pastor: Do swear before this Bible that whatsoever you say will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Vivian: I swear before this Bible that whatsoever I will say will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Judge: Prosecutor, you may proceed. P.C.: As your Ladyship pleases. Now Miss Vivian, please tell this court exactly what happened on that fateful night of the 25th November 2006. Vivian: My Lady, I was watching TV at home. Then the accused broke into my house, pointed a gun at me and violently raped me. COURT: "What?!!" (The whole court exclaimed in wonderment.) Judge: Silence in the court. P.C.: My Lady, just hear that she was raped by the accused, who broke into her house. Judge: Any questions defense counsel? Def.C.: Yes my Lady. Def.C: Miss Vivian could you please tell this court what occurred between you and the accused before the supposed rape incident? Vivian: Your honor Mr Amadou as we all know was seeking a seat as a member of the senate, and my dad chief 'Olunasejun" was his main opponent and so since he could not fulfill his desires, he swore to get back at my father. ...read more.


My Lady, my client is therefore innocent to this note, my lady I rest my case. Judge: From all the analyses I have received since this case began, I would say this is one of the most difficult cases I have experienced in my 20 years as a judge of this High Court. Firstly the defense counsel had no witnesses but then the results of the screening and test carried out on the victim shows that she is not pregnant and her father did not come to court to testify on the claims that he was so busy with his campaign. As for the accused he complicated himself by not giving a dishonest account of where he was on that faithful day. But these still doesn't change my judgement. I find the victim guilty of blackmail and her sentence shall be pronounced later. Looking carefully at what occurred in this court, I therefore find the accused 'not guilty' of the charges brought against him. This is my judgement. The court shall rise. Pro.C: Escuse me my lady I would love the accuse to make a pledge. Judge : Plea granted. Pro.C : Mr Amadou we all know you are innocent so promise that if you ever have and opportunity of raping miss Vivian again you won't do it. Accused: I promise this court today that if I ever have the opportunity of raping Miss Vivian again I won't do it. (Laughter in Court.) C.Rep: Silence in the court. Pro.C: Ha Ha this is interesting so he raped before. Def.C: My lady my learned colique should not get so excited because she made him make the pledge. Pro.C : Oh come on, you see no wonder it is said repetition does not transform a lie to the truth, he should have simply said he won't make that pledge because he did not rape the victim. Judge I am sorry counsel but my judgement cannot be reversed. The court shall rise. C.Rep Court! (Everyone leaves the court congratulating the accused.) THE END ...read more.

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