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Critical evaluation of

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CRITICAL EVALUATOIN OF "STONE COLD" BY ELAINE ELLIOT A novel that I have read recently is "Stone Cold" by Robert Swindells. In this novel there are two main characters called Link and Shelter. These characters have very different personalities. I intend to consider the ways in which the author has created these two very different personalities and will explain my reaction to each of them. This novel tells both sides of one story, Links side and Shelters side. Link is a 16year old boy that left home because of family troubles and Shelter is a 47year old man who was discharged from the army on medical grounds and doesn't agree with this. He thinks it is his duty to get rid of the homeless. Link moved to London to get away from it all (his family) and became homeless. Shelter doesn't like the homeless, he just thinks they are a "waste-of-space" Shelter begins to bribe them into going back to his flat where he intends to kill them! ...read more.


He was willing to give up his dinner to buy Ginger his. This would be a very hard thing to do especially if you didn't know when your next meal would be. In this novel we are also made to like Link. He was a very thoughtful character: "When Ginger wasn't looking I bought him 20 fags and a cheap lighter and gave them to him." Link didn't smoke, but he was always willing to share his money. I thought that homeless people would have kept the little amount of money that they had to themselves, but not Link! Link was also a very trusting character. When Ginger announced he was going to meet his friends Link didn't ask any questions, he shrugged: "Sure", I didn't know who these mates were or when he had fixed it up, but it was obvious he didn't want me along and I wasn't going to argue." In this case Link knew that Ginger may never come back but he still let him go. ...read more.


He says: "An accident. He ran out in front of me, I never had a chance" The fact that Ginger believed him must have meant he was a good actor. This makes me realise how dangerous lies can be. The helpless person didn't have a clue what they were getting themselves into. Link and Shelter are the complete opposite of each other. Link is a very caring character that hasn't really achieved anything in life, whereas Shelter is a cruel, heartless person who has experienced military work in life. In conclusion I think Shelter is a horrible man. I feel sorry for Shelter because I think he feels he didn't achieve in life because he was dismissed from the army and he is coming back by killing the homeless. On the other-hand I think Link is a very kind and lonely person. No matter how poor he was he always helped his friends. I also feel sorry for Link, his family disowned him and he has no real friends. I thought this novel was a great read. It made me realise how hard and dangerous it is for the homeless to survive and also what a lonely life they lead. 1 ...read more.

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