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Death of a Salesman - Diary.

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ENGLISH COURSEWORK: DEATH OF A SALESMAN. 17 September - It is almost five years since Willy's death but the pain and guilt still haven't gone away. I still fell that I should have taken better care of him. 24 September - Biff has given up looking for the job Willy always wanted him to do - an office job. He said that opportunities are limited, but he has got his dream job of working on a ranch, where he has been working for four years. 1 October - This was my first week of my job as a checkout point operator in a local supermarket. The job will help my loneliness. Ever since Willy has passed away. I have felt that a part of me is missing. 8 October - Happy has finally found a steady girlfriend and I am really enthusiastic about their relationship. ...read more.


12 November - This was one of the worst weeks in my life. Biff told me that he didn't get along with Willy partly because he knew that Willy was having an affair with another woman. I was shocked that I never knew but hoped Biff was wrong. 19 November - The thoughts of what Biff told me about Willy having an affair constantly haunted me and I couldn't focus properly on my job, I almost gave some items free to a customer. 26 November - Biff has decided he wants to marry! I am absolutely delighted for him. If only Willy were here! The wedding is scheduled for 2 December. Happy was also overjoyed by the news. 3 December - Charley and Bernard came over and helped us prepare for the wedding. It went just according to plan and Biff is heading off for his honeymoon to the Caribbean this month. ...read more.


We had a red carpet welcome at my brothers' home. I was happy to see him after almost six years. By the time Happy will be going for his honeymoon, Biff will have returned and we'll be staying together at the new house. Happy will also join us after his honeymoon. The house is big enough for all of us and I wouldn't be lonely. 2 January - Happy and I had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. My sister-in-law is a born natural when it comes to cooking and we licked the last bit of turkey she made for Christmas. 9 January - We have moved to the new house and Happy has settled well. Happy and Biff will have little difficulties in travelling for their jobs but they could find new ones here in Florida. My brother has promised he will help us in every possible way. I don't think I will look for a job because I can go over to my sisters' house everyday which will help my loneliness. Mustafa Bhalloo 11.3 ...read more.

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