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Death of a salesman - Willy Loman.

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Death of a Salesman Task One: Willy Loman Willy Loman is a very complicated character, to say he is a 'hero' would be too sudden to say. After reading the first act, I have concluded that I don't believe he is a 'hero' as he is believed to be. He tends to be very self absorbed and a pessimistic man in the beginning. He lives a dream that involves only him and Biff (his son). He doesn't appreciate or pay attention to Happy (his other son) and Linda (his wife). I think he is a failure as a person, although I believe he was a very strong and caring man in his past. But after reading the first act and connecting my thoughts, I came to the conclusion that he is a very troubled man who seeks help desperately and he's very lonely without Biff being there anymore. Since he is very lonely he began to live out his past, which to him was sort-of dream like. He had the perfect son, who was attractive, athletic and thought to be a successful man in the future, as Willy believed he was when he was younger as well. His dreams have always involved money; he thought money brought happiness. ...read more.


Towards the end of the play, I start to feel a deep sympathy for this troubled man because I can see that he is a very caring man inside, he just doesn't like or want to show it. He really cares about Biff but he has trouble admitting it because he pretends to dislike Biff so much, because he thinks Biff is lazy and he ruined Willy's dream for him. Happy admired Willy a lot, ever since he was younger he was trying to impress his father just so he could get as much attention as Biff did. He was always the one left out; just like Linda was a lot of the times. Page 53 "Happy: I'm gonna get married, Mom. I wanted to tell you. Linda: Go to sleep dear. Happy: [ going ] I just wanted to tell you. Willy: Keep up the good work. [ happy exits ] God... remember that Ebbets Field game? The championship of the city?" You can see how happy is treated by the whole family because of Willy always putting him last. Willy and Linda pay no attention to what he just said because they are used to Happy always trying to impress Willy. And Willy went on to think about the past when Biff was a quarterback for the school team. ...read more.


But the fact he killed himself to give Biff twenty thousand dollars just so Biff could have a better life than he did, it's almost like he was saying sorry for everything he's done, and for everything he has said or hasn't said. I thought that was a very strong and amazing thing to do just for your son. Page 107 "Willy: Oh, Ben, I always knew one way or another we were gonna make it, Biff and I!" But he was thinking of only Biff when he killed himself and he once again referred to his dreams. I feel more sympathy towards Linda, who has always been by his side, who has always loved him, and who was prepared to stop talking to her sons for Willy's sake. All those years she's suffered with his struggling, I believe she was a very strong character in this play after what she dealt with. But, I have come to the conclusion that Willy could be a 'hero' because of what he did for his son. My opinion changed after writing this essay because I thought a lot about the title and decided that I was wrong when I believed he was not a 'hero' for what he did. Word Count: 1,307 Gabrielle Siracuse 12 MB Death of a Salesman Tasks 05/02/07 ...read more.

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