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Development Phase - To Kill A Mockingbird

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Unit 2 Task 2 The Development Phase To Kill a Mockingbird Extract: Pages 55 - 63 Use of The Voice. Mayella: Him. Don't want him doin' me like he done Papa, makin' him out left-handed. I think this line should be said as though Mayella is angry but also as though she is quite nervous. She is scared that Atticus may uncover more flaws in hers and Bobs Ewells story. The 'Him' on the script is written in italics, so I made sure I emphasised this word. It's emphasised because she is accusing Atticus and pointing him out directly as the thing she is scared of. Mayella: I said, come here boy, and bust up this chaffarobe for me, I gotta nickel for you. So he came in yard an' I went in the house to get him the nickel. An' 'fore I knew it, he was at me. He got me 'round the neck. I fought, but he hit me agin and agin. At the beginning of this speech Mayella would be slightly nervous, but speak quite confidently. When it comes to 'So he came in the yard..' ...read more.


Constantly staring at him, as though she is trying to take in everything he says, going over her story in her head. Immediately the audience can see she is scared and nervous about something. I decided to make Mayella shift about a bit when she got nervous about something Bob was asked. I tried to make this clear especially when Atticus makes Bob out to be left handed. Along with other characters sat by me I leant forward to see what was 'so interestin'' about Bob writing on the paper and tried to show the nervousness in my expression. When Mayella is called up by Mr Gilmer to the witness stand I had to walk from where I was originally sitting to the witness box. I decided to walk quite slowly, looking down but making a small bit of eye contact with her father, Bob. I thought the eye contact was important because it is though Bob controls her. She knows she is only doing this for him. The reason why I made the character of Mayella not look at anyone else in the court was because she was nervous and knew she was going to have to lie in front of all the people there and couldn't possibly make eye contact with them. ...read more.


I thought her fidgeting would get worse when Atticus began questioning Bob. At first Bob is being questioned by Mr Gilmer who wasn't very threatening, so Mayella felt quite relieved when Mr Gilmer said 'That's all. Thank you, Mr Ewell.' She thought that was all the questioning he'd have to do, making it easier and she believed the court had nothing suspicious to question as Bob had not given anything away. So when Atticus wants to ask Bob Ewell questions she gets nervous and shift around slightly with a worried look on her face. This increases especially when Bob is made out to be left handed, raising suspicion. Her nerves were shown even more when it was her time to stand in the witness box. I decided not to make eye contact with many people because she was scared and could only look at the person who was controlling her, Bob. I made Mayella speak as though she was unsure of her story at first like when she was saying where she was 'On the porch.' But she becomes more angered and irritated when Atticus starts asking her questions because he is very clever and could be the person to uncover the truth from the lies. Laura Peet 11MJ ...read more.

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