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Development Phase Unit 1 (Drama)

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Development Phase Scene 1 Spotlight is on an exhausted and dirty looking woman dressed in rags. She is sitting on a park bench there is a sleeping child of about ten at her feet in a bundle of blankets she is stroking his hair fondly. Grusha: Someone once said that "it takes a village to raise a child", but I did it all by myself. No means of support, but a whole lot of love. [Pause] Someone else once said that "Having children makes you no more a parent than having a piano makes you a pianist." My name is Grusha and this is my story. Scene 2 Angry Villagers are charging in the direction of a castle, each brandishing a weapon such as a pickaxe, some are carrying torches; they overturn everything that lies in their wake leaving a trail of destruction behind them. Upbeat music is playing loudly as they near the castle the music fades, the leader climbs up onto a boulder. ...read more.


Suddenly a pickaxe comes flying through the window, Grusha screams and runs out of the room. Scene 4 A busy market place, Sellers are calling out bargains, A policeman patrols the street. On each pole there is a wanted poster featuring a picture of Grusha or the queen. Grusha enters, trying to hush the baby who is crying, she approaches one of the stalls. Grusha: Could you spare a bit of milk for my baby? Seller: Certainly not free of charge, You gotta make a living around 'ere. Grusha: But I haven't any money! Seller: Yeah, well neither 'ave I. Policeman: [to Grusha] Can I see some identification please? You look very similar to those in this poster. Grusha: I'm sorry sir, I left it at home, but I assure you I'm not Grusha or the Queen. If I was, do you honestly think I'd be walking around? She hurries off leaving the policeman looking confused. ...read more.


Grusha: Oh Michael! No! [She rushes over to help him] Michael: (crying) Mummy, it hurts so much. Grusha: Come on, We'll have to get some help. She carries him into a farmhouse. They bandage him up, meanwhile someone fetches a policeman who arrives before Grusha [who is very flustered] notices. Policeman: Miss Grusha, You're under arrest. I'm taking you to see the queen. Scene 6 In a courtroom. Grusha is on the left and the queen on the right. The child is in the middle of the two. Judge Azdak: We are here to determine who will gain custody of young Michael here. The method is simple. You will each take one of Michael's arms and the person who manages to pull Michael away from the other person will win. When they begin, Grusha lets go because she does not want to hurt Michael. Judge Azdak: I award Grusha full custody. THE END ?? ?? ?? ?? UNIT ONE COURSEWORK- Development Phase 8342 Word Count: 1000 Page | 1 ...read more.

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