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Development Phase- Unit 1 (Drama)

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Development Phase The first half of the stage is the attic of George and Ella's semi-detached house in Salford Manchester, everyone in their neighbourhood is white. The stage is divided into two parts, the attic is slightly raised, and a step ladder is needed to reach it. This contrasts to the other half of the stage, set in the war time, an Anderson bomb shelter. The whole stage must give the impression of a dark and musty place. The attic is littered with objects- ancient mobiles, toys and bric-a-brac, there are also boxes stacked against the walls. Whereas the bomb shelter is empty except for piles of yellowing newspaper and a couple of mouldy blankets. Whilst in blackout Ella: Meenah Silence MEENAH? Meenah: Did you say something mam? Ella: I have some boxes I need you to take up to the attic for me. Meenah: In a minute, I'm just... Ella: Not in a minute, NOW Meenah: Alright alright, I'm coming! ...read more.


Here, have a bit of blanket too. George: Thank you! England is very cold. Pause. They glance at each other, then quickly away. Ella: What is your name? George: Hello, I is George, George Kahn. I am Pakistani come from. He holds out his hand How do you do? Ella: gives a nervous laugh I'm Ella, pleased to meet you Pause So, what brings you to England? George: Work! Work in Pakistan is too hard, when man needs to provide for a family it is better to start business in England. So I coming here, need many many money for family. Ella: Oh okay She moves slightly closer to him well, that's nice Ella smiles at him. George: confused Yes, I am nice man. One day, I am having big business. I am having many many children and they will respect their father and help me in my business. Ella: sighing I've always dreamed of having a big family. Blackout and a siren sounds. ...read more.


Ella: snaps No, what did they do this time? Stranger: Oblivious to Ella's annoyance they put glass in our soldier's bandages, re-opening their wounds instead of healing them! George: Shaking his head Bloody, testing out his new word again Bloody Germans, Bloody Stupy Germans. Ella: laughing at George When in England do as the English do. The stranger rolls his eyes and resumes reading the newspaper. George: Ella, you is cold? You is... Appears to be searching for the right word Ella: Shivering? Yes, I'm absolutely freezing. I want my nice warm bed; we've been spending every night in this dreary hole in the ground. George: Pulling off his jumper here, you is being warmer. Ella: Oh, you shouldn't have... You don't have to... Thank you. George: Pulling the book of ration tickets out of his pocket here, you is dropping this. They snuggle up to each other Blackout and the lights come up on the other half of the stage where Meenah is flipping through the book of ration tickets. Meenah: Why on earth would mam want to keep any of this! THE END ?? ?? ?? ?? UNIT TWO COURSEWORK- Development Phase Word Count: 885 Page | 1 ...read more.

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