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Devised piece.

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Louise Todd 11i 08/09/02 Drama- 500 word Essay Devised piece. The basis of our devised piece was being trapped, and we portrayed this in many different ways. It connected with Blue remembered Hills, because at the end of the play in scene 25, we see how the character Donald duck gets accidentally trapped inside a barn, and in scene 28, killed by fire. There is dramatic irony because it is Donald's best friends who trap him inside the barn, and shut the door, and the fire that Donald creates that eventually kills him. The fire engulfs the barn and Donald turns to make his escape but the other children refuse to let him out, ...read more.


Instead of just standing next to each other at ground height and reading a script we thought it would be more effective to have a number of varying heights to perform at. We used stage blocks to achieve this, and different lighting effects to achieve this. In our stage set up, there was one block at the very front, two blocks to the left and two blocks to the right. At the back there were three blocks. There were five people in my group, so one person stood on each set of blocks, and one person stood between the all. ...read more.


The girls on the bottom and top set of three blocks did a slow tap dance, and stomped their feet. The aim was to make as much noise as possible and gain a confusion of different sounds. We performed one scene on Arranged marriage, using the same stage arrangement as above. A narrator sat on the back block and read out a story of three girls who had been forced into marriage but fortunately escaped. Below is our stage arrangement using blocks This is the mock diagram of the set up we used for 3 of our devised piece scenes. (These were our starting positions.) Lighting instructions ...read more.

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