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Directing the Engagement Party of Sheila and Gerald

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Literature coursework In this essay I am going to direct act 1 the engagement party of Sheila and Gerald At the beginning it's a engagement party of Sheila and Gerald. They are very posh people. I would send to every one and an engagement card to invite the people for the party and I would make big hall for the party night and I would put some balloon and staff on the walls. ...read more.


I would order two gold rings of the engagement. I would make the hall big enough for the all people and I would make enough chair and tables for the all people. I would tell every men to wear a black suit and women to wear anything they wants would put champion and drinks and food in each table. I would make Sheila a bit nervous because she saw Gerald after a long time. ...read more.


would be looking at each other at the end of party I will tell Gerald and Mr birling to stay out side of the house speaking with each other about inspector and it's a dark place because no one can hear them. At the ending I would tell all the guest to leave and I would let the family to stay alone for inspector to come and their would be scared and I will slowly slowly turn all the lights off and the first part act one will be finished. ...read more.

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