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Discus, in detail, how you would play John in Dennis Potters, Blue Remembered Hills.

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Discus, in detail, how you would play John in Dennis Potters, Blue Remembered Hills. I am going to discus how I would play John in scene 16 of Blue Remembered Hills. Firstly John is a seven year old boy so I would have to talk with a much higher voice. Also he is from the Forest of dean so I would have to talk with a West Country accent I can also see this from the colloquial language Potter has used to write the play. So I would try and maintain this throughout the scene. Young children find it hard to stay still they are almost always moving or fiddling with something. I would have to keep this up throughout the scene. Young children also loose focus easily and get distracted by little things that they might see so when John is not doing anything I would pick up something and play with it. John has the highest status in the play as he and Peter had a fight and John won. I would have John wearing grey school shorts, a white t-shirt and old scruffy black shoes to show they are the only pair he has and he cant afford a new pair. ...read more.


I would then say "oh we'll go and get the pram" quite loud and snappy to show that I am frustrated, then I would hesitate and realise that I had just said I will go out and get it and then say "in a minute" to make them forget about it. When Willie says "who will" I would lick my lips and stop to think of a way to get myself out of the situation but not look too scared to go. When Raymond says "must be d-du-dinner time." I would look down at my stomach and rub it to show I am hungry. When Willie says "have a look over the top, John" I would look at him with wide eyes to show I am shocked and say "what" with a very high voice I would then shiver to show I am scared and look down at the floor after saying "in a minute" I would gulp to show I regret trying to be in charge. I would then pick up an twig, to show that I am trying to take my mind off the subject, and stare at it. ...read more.


while saying "the sissy" and smile gladly until Angela says "and you be John" this would wipe the smile off my face and I would stand up and shout "that's 'cos we had you girls along, ennit?" an I would smile when Willie says "No" and when Raymond says "C-cu-course not" and sit back down. Then my smile would drop again when Audrey says "you wouldn't even have a peep, John" when Peter says "s that right" I would stand up again and throw a stick on the floor and then shout "I got to look a'ter 'em enn I! This 'ere I-talian or wop or whatever he calls hisself, might have a knife. Have you thought of that" I would then pick up a stick and point it at Peters face. I would then pretend to be fighting someone with my stick and laugh when Willie says "stuck a knife in you". I would then sit back down and make sure everyone is listening and tap them on the arm and say "he killed two or dree guards to get out of the camp. Slit their throats" I would say "slit their throats" while running the sick across my neck and then pretend to be dead. ...read more.

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